A Basic Guide to Accomplish a Perfect Wedding Plan

If you are worried about the fact that the current economy might hurt your dream wedding plan quite badly, stop worrying. There are quite a lot of effective ways to make your dream wedding happen at a fraction of the cost you have thought, but this can only be accomplished once both the bride and groom plan together, utilize sheer organizational and negotiating skills, and set to a plain fixed budget. This post includes some of the basic things that you should know before or while accomplishing a dream wedding plan.

Research Online

Today, the internet happens to be the most popular resource to get all kinds of information. In order to save both time and money you could research on the internet. There are a lot of wedding blogs available online providing wedding related products and services. When planning for your dream, you can go through a number of wedding planning articles on various websites. There, you can of course compare the different prices for different wedding related services and make sure you have afforded the best professionals within your budget.

Set a Priority List

To make the entire process clean and easy, you have got to create a priority list on which you would have to put things under 3 categories such as:

Must Have: These are the most important things that need to be finished first. You would have to pay special attention to make sure these stuff are going to be finished well within the time frame.Nice to Have: The things that come next to the priority-1 things are not mandatory but can give a touch of style to your dream wedding. Be careful while choosing these sorts of things and make sure they do not cost unnecessarily huge.Optional: You can easily omit the optional things since they would not hurt your plan, but do consider them when you’ve got a lot of cash left even after all the essential stuff have been completed.

Talk to Reputable Wedding Professionals

When researching on the internet you would likely come across a lot of wedding consultants or professionals. There are varieties of professional wedding consultants who can help you with finding out a trusted wedding vendor or managing the entire event. Depending on your budget you will have to choose the consultant. Please take some time to visit this UK wedding blog to get help from genuine wedding consultants.

Save Money from Stationery Items

If you have got a good computer and a properly working printer, you can save some bucks that you would have spent on printing the invitation cards outside. Only a perfect theme is what you need to design your cards as creative as professional printers could do.

Choose Perfect Wedding Accessories

Perfect wedding accessories can both do up your wedding event and help you have everything done within a good price range. Since it’s your dream wedding, affording to quality accessories would never hurt. But, apply your skills and insights to make it as efficient as it could be.

Pre Wedding Rituals in Kannada Matrimonial

India is a land of Unity in Diversity where people of varied religion, language; culture and creed live together with tranquility. They follow different traditions and rituals as per their cultural. Karnataka is one of the largest state in South West India with varied cultural heritage and homeland for Kannadigas, Tuluvas, kodavas and many others. Karnataka is also represented by its official language Kannada, spoken mainly by its people. The marriage ceremony in this region is made with great social gatherings where traditional wedding rituals play a vital role before and after marriage. The Kannada brides and grooms must follow the pre and post wedding rituals performed by the priest to live a happy and prosperous life.

The Kannada matrimony rituals are categorized as pre wedding, wedding and post wedding. The pre wedding rituals of Kannada are distinctive from other religious communities. The family members of the bride and groom arrange for several rituals and puja to make the grand ceremony and a success. Traditional outfits, beetle leaves, coconut, turmeric and flowers play a vital part in ceremony rituals. The bride must wear traditional sari named navari and green colored glass bangles along with other jewellery. The important pre-wedding rituals are

Nischya Tamulam – This is pre fixing the alliance by the elders and choosing the right date and time for the ceremony. With the help of horoscope of the bride and the groom, the priest fixes a suitable date and time according to the star sign of the bride and bride groom. He recites chants and mantras to get the blessings of the Almighty and for the well being of the couples.

Naandhi Custom – It is an important ritual that is followed before few days of the marriage by the Kannada grooms and brides at their home. The family members do puja and offer the first invitation to The Almighty for his blessing to make the ceremony a success without any hindrance. Both the families follow this ritual at their home along with the relatives.

Kaashi Yatre – Kaashi Yatre tradition is followed by the groom’s family for fun and enjoyment. The groom gets angry for not fixing a suitable alliance and acts like leaving to Kaashi as a bramacharya. To stop him, his Uncle shows the girl to make cool and stay back at home. Later, the groom agrees to marry the girl and make her as his life partner.

Dev Karya Ceremony – In most of the Indian wedding ceremonies, the bride and the groom leaves to the home town of the bride to get marry her. Dev karya ceremony is the arrival of the groom and his family to the bride’s home for the marriage. A grand welcoming is done on that day by the father of the bride to invite the groom and his family for the marriage ceremony. All important wedding items are placed in front of Lord Ganesha; puja and mantras are performed by the priest to get His blessings.

An Indian wedding is the most spectacular ritual where a boy and girl begin their married life with the blessings of the parents and elders of the family. Following such traditional custom is not only fun but strengthens the relationship between the families. The Internet helps to know better about the Kannada matrimony and many other rituals of Indian marriages. Find more interesting events and rituals followed by Indians through spectacular websites.

Right Makeup For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is perhaps the one of the most important day of your life where you want to look your absolute best. So whether you choose to hire a makeup artist who help you to find and accentuate your best assets or making it your own. It’s important you look natural, gorgeous and graceful at your wedding day and your features highlights in the best way which make you feel more confident and comfortable. Applying makeup for your big day is equally as important as wearing a designer wedding dress or designing your wedding invitations. So here are some fundamentals for great makeup.

  • If you have a healthier skin, then you don’t need to apply much makeup. Your first priority is to make your skin exfoliate and hydrate so that you look more natural on your wedding day.
  • The right way to do makeup is to spread moisturizer on your face first otherwise your concealer and foundation will glide on smoothly instead of settling into your fine lines.
  • First apply concealer by using a concealer brush to the spots under the eye, on the chin and pay attention to the red areas around the nose. Once you have applied concealer, you won’t need to apply much foundation.
  • Choose to apply foundation to the area where you have an uneven skin tone and try to pick a proper color that get matched to your complexion.
  • Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks, first choose the color. Generally fair skin looks great in rose, olive in bronze or orangey peach & dusky in apricot. When applying,combine it with cream or powder (depends on your skin type), it helps your blush to stay longer.
  • If your base is set, then start playing with your eyes by applying eyeliner to lids.There are various ways to apply liner with different types like liquid liner for the basic eye, pencil liner for cat eye, brush liner for smoky eye and much more.You can choose any one according to your taste.
  • Then apply eyeshadow, start with a light color that almost matches your lid. It’s great to use atmost three-toned shadow and build it from lids to your browbone. Follow with a lighter color across your lid to the darker contouring shadow in the crease. Blend the color well as it will create a more natural and cohesive look.
  • Then Curl your lashes by using an eyelash curler and apply mascara by moving quickly the wand from the roots of your lashes to the ends.Ø And finally, highlight your lips by applying lipstick and be sure to choose the color that get matched with your eye makeup and the dress. If you want to wear bold shade lipstick, keep the rest of your makeup light and if you are playing up with your eyes, then keep the lip color lighter or simply apply a gloss.

Every bride wants to look beautiful and feel her best on her wedding day as the day comes once in the lifetime and consider to be the most memorable and cheerful event.Whether you do your own makeup or hire a professional, just take the trails at least several weeks before your massive day otherwise you may get a big surprise.

Wedding Planner Brisbane – Get It Right

Without a doubt, a wedding day is one of the most special days in the lives of a couple. Getting it right with the correct wedding planner Brisbane is a very crucial step in making the day really idyllic and memorable. Some aspects that must be perfectly on the dot are the bridal showers. But before a bride can be able to pull off this magic, the best wedding planner has to be on hand.

In this century, it is an unforgivable crime in the ‘wedding world’ for a bride to come up with disappointing showers. Once the wedding proper is over, all that the bride and groom will be left with are the memories. That is why it is extremely important that one get it right when it comes to the wedding planner Brisbane. With the right planner in place, there will be no sleepless nights over either the bridal showers, shades of the interior decor or the matching dresses.

With the correct and appropriate wedding planner Brisbane, the bride will surely have every single moment of the special day captured on lens and on video. It will surely be very painful if some special moments were left out of all the recordings! Now that the importance of the experienced wedding planner has been established, it becomes imperative to add some hints and tips on ways to ensure all works out precisely.

A bride can ensure various ways for her perfect day to go as planned. When hunting for the planners of the wedding, be sure to find the right one that can cater to your desires and needs. It is always nice to opt for something simple. Then work it up all the way to the top on a more grandeur scale. Ask your planner to check the various wedding boutiques around the city and visit their websites to get more information. Ask for the best advice and tips on how to nail the best wedding planner in town and you will be amazed as to the number and quality of valuable responses you will get.

Once a wedding planner Brisbane has been tracked down, that is the time the real task begins. It is always very helpful to be in constant communication with the planner. Discuss everything, from the floral patterns to the arrangement of cutlery on the tables, and even to the genre of music to entertain the guests. In other words, one common mistake that many make is to assume that the entire job is strictly done by the hired planner. This is not what really happens. A wedding is a very special event and you are the main feature of this glorious moment! Be best of friends with your wedding planner, express yourself, unleash your creativity, and see how superb that Cinderella wedding would be!

Wedding Ideas From Blogs Gain Social Importance In Today’s Society

Today wedding blogs are gaining a social importance unlike anything we have seen in the past decade. Indeed, more importance is being given to such blogs as they prove to be the main source of wedding ideas. There are marriage blogs that focus on cities like New York or the celebrated cakes, their designs and those who make them. Indeed, the number of aspects that marriage blogs cover is staggering. There are several services associated with a wedding and each of these topics make for the subject matter of wedding blogs. And these in turn form great sources of wedding inspiration for those who are planning a wedding.

There are several blog owners who are getting social recognition for the work they put in. Their blogs have become steady sources of references for wannabe brides who are looking around for wedding inspiration. Such blogs have comprehensive information on certain topics that people can rely upon for their accuracy and updated nature. Many dating blogs also tie up with wedding blogs to get traffic from these sites. Many bridal magazines also tie up with wedding these days. Thus, if you are looking at a Party blog, you will find leading bridal magazines offering you suggestions on your bridal makeup, bridal dress design and other ideas. The magazines can get people to become subscribers to their portals as well through the blog. They can expect exposure and traffic to their online issues through such blogs as well.

Thus, wedding blogs not only provide wedding for those who are planning a party, they are acting as pivotal points for different wedding media persons, businesses and services that are centered around the wedding business. There are some Information that are run more as personal forums but many run professional which help to culminate important information regarding the latest trends and information.

If you opt to refer to a professional blog for wedding ideas, you can be assured that the information on such blogs will be accurate. Search engines rank sites as per reliability of information and reputation among other factors. Thus, if you opt for a well known and popular blog to get information from, you can be assured that your information source is reliable. At the same time, such blogs are well networked. That means, you will find related links to other service providers who will be equally helpful in providing the information you seek. If you do not find the information you are looking for, you can leave a query at such sites and expect a prompt response from the blog coordinator and helpful links to sites or service providers which will come of use. In such ways, blogs have become the one stop shop for being the source of useful information for those who are planning a wedding.

Wholesale Fragant Flowers!

Hyacinth are flowers that are most common during spring through summer and can be found in many colors such as white, blue, purple, pink and lavender, these exquisite flowers are very dominant when it comes to weddings since are one of the most asked flowers to include in your flower list. I wanted to bring with me today the history behind these beautiful flowers that can add the extra touch that you are looking for in your wedding or special event.

The most common used hyacinth is the one we know as Hyacinthus Orientalis this is the scientific name this are the type that open fully and their blooms resembles a star. Hyacinth is a very fragrant flower that can be included in your wedding a wonderful smell if you are the type of person who is looking to get fragrant flowers for your special event I recommend getting a small sampler before that way you can tell if you are going to be able to stand the smell thought the whole wedding on reception since sometimes and speaking from personal experience you don’t want or need a throbbing smell that is going to give you a migraine in the middle of your most important event in your life.

Hyacinth are the delicate flowers that need water like most of the flower do but a trick I have learn over time that I have been working with this curious flowers are that you should not cut the stem of the flower ahead of the event date since it can damage the flower and make it look wilted before the vase life is complete in other words you should not cut the stem until you are ready to assemble your wedding decorations or bridal bouquet. As I am speaking on how to take care of your flowers you should consider to wear gloves when handling your flowers if you are allergic to latex since this flower contain the substance that many of us are allergic to and believe me this would be the last thing you want to happen to you on this festive days.

When it comes to arranging your hyacinth you should always keep in mind that you can mix these fantastic flowers with many other flowers such as hydrangeas, roses, calla lilies, tulips and button pumps which are my favorite flower to combine with your hyacinths. They also go very well with calla lilies in fact I will use mini calla lilies in white and add some blue hyacinths to add drama and a bit of color to the decorations and that I will add some green button pumps and I will give the final touch with a white silk to wrap around the stems which would put the final touch to your bridal bouquet, you may also apply this decoration tip in your wedding decor.

How To Plan The Perfect Stag Do

The ‘stag do’ has become an essential part of the 21st century wedding. We now feel obliged to jump out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, after drinking our body-weight in lager, and then embarking on a clay pigeon shoot wearing nothing but a tweed jacket and a pair of Y-fronts. Ok, that’s the extreme version but in reality a stag do is an occassion to celebrate a man’s passage into marriage; it’s one last opportunity for him to “let his hair down”. So, just how can you ensure it’ll be a success? These steps will help.

Be Organised

It’s vitally important that you plan it, and I mean really plan it. There are certain things that men are traditionally very good at, but planning and organisation, sadly, we suck at. Make sure you settle on a date where everybody is available, and book your adventure well in advance to avoid disappointment. Meet at a bar or a restaurant with the guys you want to have involved and talk it all over; include everybody from the start, this will make you all feel involved.

Choosing the Location and What to do

After settling on a date you’re going to want to choose what you’re actually going to do. This should be left to the Groome and your guests should be supportive and encouraged by whatever choice he makes. So, if he chooses to venture out on a walking trip around the Lake District then so be it, the quicker you agree and take on board what is going to happen, the higher the likelihood that the event will be successful. Very rarely does the Groome elect an activity where the guests have no interest; after all, you’re all close mates and likely have interests in the same things.

During the Stag Do

It’s common knowledge that the Groome is soon to be married, so it may be a good idea to not go too far. Perhaps life threatening activites should be avoided such as base jumping, or swimming with sharks; just stick to something a little safer! It’s also a great idea to use ways to ensure you aren’t spending too much. Keep an eye on expenses, or even set up daily budgets; by doing this you will eliminate the chances of going overboard. Most importantly, have fun! It’s the last chance that you’ll get (most likely) to go really wild before the Groome disappears into marriage.

The Meaning of a Rose

The Meaning of a Rose

  • When I gaze up at the heaven above,
  • Sensing warmth and hunger for your love,
  • Many roses surround your beautiful face,
  • A feeling of romance envelops this place…

Imagine yourself under the canopy of hundreds of wedding roses and looking around and capturing with your eyes the view of hundreds more wedding flowers decorating the walls of your wedding and reception. With a wedding rose, almost every color will complement each other; the beauty of roses is that they unite the array of colors that only nature can blend together. This miracle of nature will make your wedding appear natural and pleasant to the eyes. The remembrance of a marriage under this imaginary scene becomes real. This is the wonder of having wedding roses. It is also valuable experience. If you study the power of the rose and the way it has been used throughout history, it is evident wedding roses have value that has retained historical references even today. There is no doubt that people like Josephine Bonaparte left many imaginary scenes in the minds of many of her guests, visiting her rose garden. She used roses of various kinds to enhance the visual beauty.

There is nothing as special, as the day of your wedding. Selecting the right kind of flower to enhance your special day is something every woman dreams of since she was a little child. She has imagined this special day, uniting herself with her prince making her dream come true.

Now, I would like you to imagine yourself enshrined in the beautiful array of hundreds of wedding roses. Can you picture yourself walking forward, across thousands of crushed rose petals, looking up at the clear, blue sky and no matter you look your eyes are captivated by every kind of wedding rose possible, 150 species to be exact. You can capture this memory and share it with all of your friends and loved ones. Please allow Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers to assist you in planning your beautiful wedding. You may contact us at wholeblossoms.com to order your wholesale flowers at discount prices and make your dream a reality.

Amazing Facts About Love and Romance

Love is the most precious thing as well as the most spontaneous that will happen in everyone’s life. It is an exciting and wonderful feeling. Everyone has different opinion about the meaning of romance and love. The feeling definately makes you feel happier. Whether you are married or single or in a relationship – these romance facts will always remind you why this relationship is so important in everyone’s life!

  • The stress which occurs due to the feeling of passion is the same to that which occurs due to fear. Palms sweat, pupils spread as well as heart rate accelerates.
  • Women belonging to tiwi tribe get married immediately when they are born.
  • According to many research, most people fall in love approximately seven to eight times before marriage.
  • The term is derived from the Sanskrit lubhyati, which means “desire.”
  • The traditional symbol of love is rose. Different color of roses is meant for different nuance of the phenomenon. For instance, yellow roses indicated jealousy as well as friendship; red roses can mean true passion. A thorn less rose or lavender indicate love at first sight, light pink can mean passion, energy and desire and dark pink indicates gratitude. White roses mean devotion as well as virtue.
  • Since ancient Greece, apple has been considered as a symbol of romance because the apple lasted for many days after being picked.
  • In Japan and China-the maple leaf is considered as a symbol of passionate relationship.
  • In many culture, knot is considered as a symbol because knots has neither any beginning nor an end.
  • New research suggest that men often feel loved or emotionally closed when they play, talk and work side by side. On the other hand, women often feel emotionally closed when they talk face to face with partners.
  • 4000 years ago, the first known romantic song was written and this song comes from an area which is somewhere between Euphrates river and Tigris.
  • The Eiffel tower is considered to be the most romantic place in the world to express love.
  • According to the ancient Greeks, the fourth finger of the left hand contains the “vein of love,” and this vein runs straight to the heart. And this probably is one of the reasons of wearing engagement ring on the fourth finger.
  • Men who kiss their beloved in the morning probably live five to six year longer that those who do not kiss their partner.
  • Falling in love can also cause calming effect on the mind as well as on the body. This enhances nervous system and memory in general.

Theme Wedding – The Latest Marriage Trend!

Weddings have always been a lavish affair in India. Elaborate preparations, sumptuous fare, decorations, never ending guest list, lightening, bridal jewelry etc. All this amalgamation adds up to a big fat Indian wedding.

But the scenario has changed a bit in the recent years, instead of just the cliche preparations, people like stylizing the whole affair a bit differently, like planning on a theme. This change in the recent years has indeed added a whole new meaning to wedding scenario in India.

So how does one go about theme planning? For starts theme planning is not a very easy job. You had better have a wedding planner take over the responsibility than you plan it yourself. When setting on a theme for an occasion, one needs to abide with every intricate detail to make it a success. As this is a new found concept most again may not be aware of how to go about with the preparation or from where to order the essentials. This is when a wedding planner is well resorted to. All you might know is that something called theme wedding exist as you have lately attended one and liked it, hence want to plan the same for your own wedding.

Detailed below you will find some aspects associated with a themed wedding to consider when planning such an event. The pointers are especially helpful for those who plan to carry out the bulk of preparation themselves.

Invitations and dress code:

Supposed you have planned on a theme like historical wedding (Medieval or Renaissance-inspired weddings) or something as modern as a Hawaiian wedding, you should strictly make it clear to your guest that they adhere to the dress code as mentioned in the card. You should alert family and friend right from before either through invitation card or through a call that they should wear the particular dress mention, for this you need to inform them quite early so they have ample time to wear the dress code outlined. You can even try out the parchment style invitation in case you are planning a historical themed wedding; this adds weight-age to the rule. The more exaggerated it be the better. Keeping to the occasion is after all what you would like to have.


This is the most essential to a theme wedding. You definitely have to stress on the decoration aspect if you want to make the venue look the occasion. It is through the decorations that the atmosphere of a themed wedding is laid out. Everything from the sitting area, catering area, the venue, lights, dresses etc. need the detailing to ensure that the place creates the feel. The music arrangement too should complement the occasion. Everything means everything.


Depending on the theme, food may range from a banquet-style arrangement to appetizers and desserts moulded into shapes that correspond with the main idea. Not just this, the food area should be well decorated too and must be made to look an alluring affair. After all the dance and revelry this is the hub where all jump to, so better be ready to please with a sumptuous affair!