8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Feel Lucky In Love

The eight wedding anniversary is as important as any other anniversaries like the first, fifth or even the tenth. Each year makes it more inspiring to carry on and hope for a lifelong relationship.

Since you are celebrating your eight wedding anniversary, you are considered lucky for the occasion. The number eight is considered a very lucky number and if you are a believer of Chinese cultures, the said number is the most desirable number for home addresses, bank accounts and even phone numbers. The infinity symbol is similar to the number eight lying on the side. The loving couple can look forward to a lifelong commitment to stay together. The number eight according to Chinese beliefs means abundance and prosperity.

There are numerous 8th wedding anniversary gift ideas we can give to our loved one as a token of infinite love.

The eight wedding anniversary gifts symbols are bronze and pottery for the traditional, Lace or linen for the modern, Clemitis for the flower and Tourmaline/Tanzanite for the gemstone.

Here are the unique anniversary gifts you can find to celebrate the occasion.

Lace Tablecloth

Put a lot of love in your dining table by placing lace tablecloth on top of it. Lace tablecloths are made from high quality cotton and vinyl fiber for easy wash and care. Lace tablecloths are becoming more popular in almost any family event. It adds more attraction and protects your table from spills and scratches. Lace is a symbol of elegance and style.

Bronze Candle Holder

Bronze candle holder will definitely brighten the couple’s home. Bronze metal is long-lasting, grasps feature well, and by and large has a dark finish. It requires little care by using wax to avoid rust and can be polished to a shine.

Clematis Flower

Clematis flowers will be a unique anniversary gifts. The clematis symbolizes resourcefulness and mental beauty. Flowers have been the symbol of love, life and beauty since time immemorial and when received, women don’t just feel excited and energized but they also feel beautiful and extraordinarily special.

Expressing your love with a bouquet of clematis will only boost her warmth for you and will absolutely make her feel like she’s the most important person in your life.

Tarzanite Jewelry

Tarzanite jewelries as wedding anniversary presents are perfect. Tanzanite symbolizes divine healing and a new hope. The blue color of the tanzanite represents simplicity, purification and spirituality. When worn as ring, necklace or pendant can be an essential communication stone, giving the person the capability to tell the truth. It promotes sympathy and a calm consideration of one’s own heart to the person wearing the stone.

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  • maskills24:

    December 2006, after i discovered that my hubby has a 3rd party, after i request him why? he just explained that, he does not want misconceptions or problems to happen to all of us daily. He found this girl very nice kind because every time they were together they do not quarrel, these were always happy in every day these were together. And through individuals words he provided why he earned up his mind to finished what we should are really beginning, he pick the other girl. I had been hung so far, coz thus far i am still asking other couples if there’s such relationship that aren’t needed to endure individuals small misconceptions. Help me to locate solutions. Shall We Be Held the only person have this difficulties? As he requested me to allow him go, i do not answer him yes. I simply cried and say, i really like you a lot, please forgive me for which have i done. I’ll watch for you, simply take proper care of yourself as well as your parents. Were going to achieve our 1yr anniversary with that same Month and year, he put finish into it

  • Mc L:

    Organization dinner sometimes, absorb it turns? (ur wife would really like that many)

    Would you smile and take friendly proper care of the children, if u ask them to?(your spouse would really like that)

    Organization her tea or coco during the night? ( ur wife would really like that)

    Would you observe how she’s you will find seen her for any lengthy area of the day?(ur wife would really like that)

    Would you take her up town then suprisingly offer her £10/£20 and let her know to purchase something she likes?( ur wife would really like that=])

    On her birthday perhaps you have bought her fave item along with a voucher for shopping inside a store she likes? (ur wife would really like that)

    Have you got candelit dinners each week? in case your children are there it might be nice just kisses only lol( ur wife would really like candelit dinner)

    Would you put nice musice on and dance together with your wife, monthly?( ur wife would most likely like this)

    Should you choose these things then you’re most likely a pleasant guy:)

    Try a few of these things and when she wants it try it again! there’s you win.

  • toast:

    I am hosting my parents’ 20th anniversary party This summer of 2014. My mother is popping 48 that year, and my father 60. My real question is which kind of dress should she put on, taking her age into account?

  • dealy:

    Sometimes I’m super feminine and super girly. That being stated, I would like to spend a marriage anniversary in a romantic retreat while eating chocolate covered bananas, consuming champagne, and hugging. However, my hubby is really a men guy. How do you make our anniversary special not just for me personally, however for him?

  • wwwavid360gamercom:

    Does anybody have recommendations for food in my parents surprise 25th anniversary party to give about 150 people? I am a budget, therefore the cheaper the greater. Also, any assistance with wedding cakes? How large must i to feed about 150 people contributing to just how much will that cost?


  • NC Baller:

    We’re tossing a 50th anniversary surprise party. I would use gold, whitened, and black however i want another accent color what color must i use?

  • balinderk2000:

    I’m getting a 50th anniversary party in my parents inside my home and i must know what’s the best kind of entertaiment i possibly could consider… HELP.


    The house is large enough to accomedate 50 people however they would need to be sitting in various rooms… can you recommend a tent or in the home?


  • Alex:

    My parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. My siblings and I want to recognize it but not go all out. Trying to keep with the “Ruby” theme. Any ideas??

  • nick s:

    This approaching April would be the 25th anniversary of my parents, and If only to organize an elegant surprise party for that each of them. I want ideas on styles that’ll be fun, but nonetheless remain fairly sophisticated. I’m thinking about inviting a lot of their buddies, for Personally i think it will make the occasion more significant for them. Anybody have applying for grants where I ought to start!?

  • ScRSC:

    A really close friend has her first anniversary in a few days. She and her husband are tossing a celebration for any couple of close buddies ( about 20 to 25) in their farm house. I m really drained of ideas as with what must i gift. Plz assist me with a few ideas.. Thnx !

  • Echo:

    My anniversary is approaching and that i was attempting to develop ideas in regards to what I possibly could do in order to make on that day much more special. So, if you’d like to talk about your tales and have worthwhile dieas of your, be at liberty! Thank-you & god bless!

  • ibjammin44:

    My parents are honoring their 35th anniversary -we’re giving an unexpected party within their recognition. What’s the appropriate adornments, colors and gifts with this year?

  • Gage:

    My parents are likely to celebrate their 26th anniversary on august 15th. I am 17 years of age and also have a budget of $100 to invest as a whole. I wish to have them each something nice. Would you produce ideas? Thanks. They’re somewhat old-fashioned people. They are not very into technology like I’m.

  • Wooooody:

    My parents anniversary is approaching and that i don’t know things to have them lol. I acquired a card… I have got £15 lol

  • steve:

    today is our anniversary exactly what do i actually do with him.i purchased him a gift and card along with a red-colored rose but ive heard nothing from him today his been at the office all day long his not bothered in the future home early.

  • Harriet W:

    My mother died this this past year, and my dad’s anniversary is approaching. I’m baffled for how to proceed for him. I figured in regards to a card, but that does not appear like enough. I wish to make a move special. Suggestions for this? Appreciate solutions.

  • Rishi:

    Without real reason, besides they went to sleep while doing laundry. And also you awoke alone, plus they wouldn’t answer their phone.

    Pretend it is your 4th anniversary.

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran:

    I believe it’s their 24th anniversary inside a couple of days and my sister and I’m not sure things to have them. Both of us must see focus on their anniversary therefore we can’t make sure they are dinner or anything. The weekend after they’ll be a weight journey (just the pair of them) out fo condition so I believed of having them a gas gift cards? That appears kinda lame though. I do not actually want to make anything and I wish to get something they can really use. Any ideas? I am 17 and my sister is 22.

  • Coffee t:

    It will be my cousins 25th anniversary and I’d like something very creative and various to provide them. I truly wouldn’t prefer anything just like a poem or perhaps a Compact disc. Any suggestions??

  • Echo:

    my first anniversary is approaching inside a couple of days. I wish to make a move special with my spouse. I had been just wondering how others have celebrated their wedding anniversaries. Thank you for you solutions :P

  • Hayden:

    I am 21. My grandma and grandpa are honoring their 50’th anniversary on 4/4. I’d rather not be under-outfitted, but I’d rather not appear too formal. Can anybody produce suggestions in regards to what to put on?

  • Flash Funk:

    I’m 17 years of age, i’ve 2 siblings (one 19 and something 12) and it is our parents 25th anniversary in september and i wish to have them something quite significant and special.

    I actually do work saturdays and i haven’t got much cash except am prepared to spend more than ever before when you get what i’m saying!

    any ideas?

  • Taylor G:

    My parents 21st anniversary is on march. 22nd and so i need plans. I’m not sure how to proceed on their behalf or things to have them. They’re already heading out to consume and remaining in a hotel any ideas?

  • Gage:

    My first anniversary is on 12 , 24th, What is your opinion is biggest score in my husband? Help me )

  • Marshal:

    I’m 21, and want help planning my parents 25th anniversary party. The list of guests is all about 40 people. You will find 35 guests, consider it isn’t until December, I wish to leave some lee-means by situation a few of the single visitors get boyfriend/female friends.

    I right now haven’t made the decision on restaurant versus hall, and can pretty much be having to pay for everything myself.

    It mainly boils lower towards the question of hall versus restaurant. Have their benefits and drawbacks, but what’s your opinion?

  • cardskid22:

    I’m not a grownup. I’m a 12-13 years old girl and that i may wish to create a anniversary cake in my mother and father. I’ve not provide them with good presents since i have was youthful for his or her anniversary. Can anybody let me know steps to make an easy, easy cake that i can allow it to be? My mother and father won’t be which makes it beside me and i’ll be which makes it on my own. It does not matter whether it’s cookies. I want the quality recipes and also the method please.

    No chocolates please

  • Agent 47:

    My second anniversary is approaching in a number of several weeks. My spouse and i are thinking about employing a digital photographer to perform a celebratory photo shoot, and i’m considering putting on a whitened summer time dress in addition to transporting some flowers for this. Is that this an anything-goes, or too tacky?

  • Cliffy N:

    It’s my anniversary the following month and that i have no clue things to put on. I’m size 10 on the top and size 8 at the base, 5’5”, medium complexion, hazel eyes and brownish hair. We’re planning for a romantic break to paris and perhaps meals out, unsure of other things. Thank you for any help x

  • balinderk2000:

    My spouse is really a new mother, however i got her something for a birthday a health spa package. Our anniversary is approaching inside a couple of days, so i wish to offer her something. The marriage anniversary is all about me and her, so I’m not going that it is a child driven gift. Any ideas?

  • Smashing Pumpkins:

    My parents 50th anniversary is within June, any suggestions regarding the way we makes it special? We’ve already place a deposit lower on the hall as well as their priest reserved the date to resume their vows. I believe we ought to allow them to in on which we’re doing and my brothers and sisters think we helps it to be a “surprise party” however i am afraid that we’ll forget to ask someone important. Any advice or suggestions are extremely welcome. Thanks

  • kewlflame14:

    My parents are getting a 25th anniversary a few days ago and I am searching for a tear jerking, semi-lengthy poem which i could read for them or frame it. Anybody know worthwhile websites where I possibly could have some or anybody know any?

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