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“Anniversary: A time to celebrate the beauty, gift, and the blessing of enduring love.”

The traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper, and what could make a better anniversary gift than a love photo book? Capture those wonderful memories of your year together in pictures and put them together in a beautiful digital photo album. Your partner will not only love such a thoughtful gift, but will also appreciate the time and effort that you have taken to prepare it.

It’s been a year you have been in a relationship and you want to take it to the next level. What better time to propose to her than on your first year anniversary? If you find it difficult to express your feelings with words, then do it with pictures. In your love photo books put in pictures of both of you together and end it with the question you want to pop.

If you are married, then a professional picture album is a great way to renew those vows you made to your partner. Put in pictures of your wedding in the book and photographs of the wonderful times you had together after you tied the knot. Take your partner back to those memorable times you had together before and after the wedding with this fabulous anniversary gift.

It is very easy to create and design online picture albums. There are plenty of online professional photo printing service providers that can help you prepare your digital photo book. All you have to do is create an account on their website and upload your photographs. You can also download pictures from online photo sharing sites. Most online photo stores have pre designed templates that you can choose from depending on the theme of your online album. Choose the theme based on your relationship – utterly romantic, hot and sensual, or a fairy tale relationship.

Don’t go overboard while picking photos for your online album. Choose ones that remind you of the best times together at home or with family and friends. Sort and organize the pictures instead of putting all the selected pictures in a haphazard manner. You can also add in comments about the occasion when the picture was taken below each photograph to make it more interesting.

Be it your first or your fiftieth anniversary; make the occasion special with a memorable gift. Turn back the clock and walk down the joyous memory lane with personalized photo books.

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  • Seth:

    I’m 21 and my sister is 19, we’re trying to puzzle out a great gift for the parents 25th anniversary over a couple of days. Anybody have plans? We’ve got some money not really a ton.

    I’m not likely to have the ability to arrived at it needs to be considered a gift of some kind

  • floydian8717:

    To date I have got him season 7 of scrubs, new hubcaps for his vehicle(crappy i understand but he wants some), his favourite book from the time he was more youthful he lost as he moved house, mass levels of these sweet things he likes, and…thats it “/

    Help please “/

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag:

    I wish to suprise my hubby having a great date for the anniversary. So what can I actually do to really make it an enjoyable, memorable experience. We are pretty low on cash at this time and so i can’t do anything whatsoever extravagant. Interesting help!!!

    For how long does frumpy associate body fat????

  • Courtney:

    I’m wanting to create a photo book of my wedding photos in my wife for the 12 months anniversary. I’ve only used Snapfish, and even though they’re incredibly affordable, the image quality is certainly missing within the pictures. I’ve got a excellent Digital slr camera, and also the pictures still switched out grainy.

    My real question is: What are the sites that will not run me a leg along with a leg for any photo book which has GOOD otherwise High quality pictures. I’ve been searching at AdoramaPix and Shutterfly mainly. Has anybody had any luck with higher quality photo books from either location? As mentioned, I Truly do not have lots of money to invest, and can spend as much as about $100… More or less. Interesting help. I’ll pick the right answer!

  • _marky_mark_:

    I am turning 21 in the center of This summer this season. I wish to make a move quite different and already we have transformed the venue 3 occasions. I would have something formal, in a restaurant however we are opting for an outdoors venue, about center of the day.

    We are thinking botanical gardens or perhaps a jungle (I am in Sydney, Australia).The issue is, I am unsure what type of games or everything we can perform in the party. Anyone have ideas or suggestions?

    Also, since its outdoors, do you consider it might be smart to possess a theme or otherwise?

    Just reading through a number of your solutions i figured i ought to add, I dont drink any longer, neither do nearly all my buddies, and also, since its likely to be each day factor (again only for different things) I dont think they’ll drink either.

  • RichT:

    What’s your proposal story? Share it around!

  • Joe T:

    because I’ve got a Olympus Quarta movement Date?

    whatever that’s

    and I wish to try taking some pictures with no Digi

    and that i use FujiFilm and Kodak [not necessarily caring what the standard is, yeah?]

    and I am wondering if people determine if they still sell any type of film without ordering.

    like at Target or something like that, ya know?

    and when they develop any longer.

    Please answer, I wish to create a scrap book [and it is my grandparen’ts 5oth anniversary

  • Daniel:

    I’m considering creating a scrap book of the year (2009) what type of things must i place in it? :)

  • tjpimpin:

    *Happy birthday in my experience!-

    I usually get book vouchers so I decided to request for many recommendations.

    I will not give an excessive amount of detail to prevent thinning individuals options lower an excessive amount of, but I am late 20s and like reading through classics, dystopian fiction, sci-fi and contemporary fiction (and virtually all things in between) therefore the only constraint isn’t any paranormal romance please :)

    Oh, along with a short description from the book is needed!

  • Praveen:

    therefore it is destined to be me and my men twelve months soon. I believed of writing him 100 a few things i love about him. And that we have this joke about his boxers and so i would buy him some, but I am unsure:Or help I want ideas! As well as your opinion on which I would provide him, I can not spend lots of money!:Or

    Thanks! :) xox

  • Xbox Gamer:


    I’ve been with my boyfriend for around annually and 4 several weeks. I am 27, he’s 26.

    Whenever we first began dating, he explained he was unclear about his sexuality as he was more youthful, Never imagined something more from it. We continued holiday together after 2 several weeks where he explained he seen a man for roughly 6 several weeks, but to him it had been simply a friendship, again I figured fair enough which was that. We fell deeply for one another and therefore are one anothers close friends. On a lot of numerous occasions we’ve talked about how amazing we’re together, our future etc, and thus many occasions we’ve acquired on the truth that it was so unique towards the the two of us – it had been both out first associations, first loves etc…everything am perfect. Whenever we came back in the holiday, we instantly looked to book a set together. Per week before i was because of relocate, i was consuming and that i requested him something about his past, and that he arrived on the scene with the truth that really it had been a 3 year relationship…again, he just seen it as being a friendship! The following day I acquired really upset, mainly in the fact he lied in my experience about this all, however Yes, it should be so difficult to inform someone who. We spoken on the telephone that evening about this all, and that he tripped themself up also it wound up being released they spent 2 holidays abroad together (large holidays to America both occasions). These holidays, he’d explained before he was there having a friend from uni (he really demonstrated me photos from among the holidays and explained how amazing it had been before this too!)

    We met in the next day of and spoken things through. I managed to get very obvious to him which i didn’t have problem together with his past (even though it was obviously challenging my mind around) but, because of issues I have been on my past, 100% truth and honesty is essential, and so i requested, really pleaded, for him to inform me everything then. I requested him if there have been every other holidays as with the United kingdom etc, he stated it had been only the 2 towards the US, whether it was sexual in anyway – he stated the man carried out sexual functions on him, however in the three years, this could have happened only every couple of several weeks – actually, this is exactly why he split up ultimately while he did not particularly benefit from the sexual element having a guy. I additionally discovered he would be a virgin much more fact, whenever we first met, he explained he’d been having a girl before. He explained again he only agreed to be confused, he allow the relationship continue too lengthy, they never celebrated wedding anniversaries, gave birthday/gifts or stated they loved one another. Also, he arrived on the scene with random stuff that they did not do together which i never requested him about to begin with, like he never witnessed his buddies, only seen one another every few days, never witnessed his family etc, The only real reason they survived such a long time was simply because they got on very well together.

    In the last year, we’ve had fights relating to this as things were not accumulated. It has been killing me and it is virtually constantly on my small mind, purely just the truth that he’s lied a lot in my experience, and that i had the stomach feeling he was still being laying. 2 several weeks ago, I switched round to him and needed to state that you will find a lot of things and that i seem like I’d be living my existence always wondering exactly what the truth was. He eventually explained that there have been outings to London and Glasgow particularly to gay clubs, he seemed to be sexual towards his boyf, met his buddies a great deal etc, they once celebrated Year inside a £300 a evening hotel the man required him to, romantic! And So I was like ok, seems like everyone must will be in love and done the typical presents etc factor that couples do? All over again, he swore 100% in my experience which was not the situation. Now after dragging it of him, I discover these were for each other, the connection was really three years 8 several weeks, they ended up getting one another gifts at occasions (although he ‘can’t remember’ them – it was only two years back, obviously he is doing, now I am losing it by what he’s hiding now). essentially it had been a complete blown college relationship having a guy, where my boyfriend was out like a fully gay guy to everybody bar his parents. It worries me that whenever he was wrongly identified as his sexuality, he chose males first.

    Aside from being very, very hurt in the constant lies, I’m now a jealous person with him when i is made to think that everything we shared was special and different to all of us, and today it is not. He’s now in the stage he will not discuss anything regarding his past, and so i am not able to request him anything to get my mind around it. I’m totally 100% fine with him being bisexual and understand this really is something he’s still visiting terms with, I am so so hurt he frequently lied in my experience despite me stating that I desired the reality from him a lot of occasions. His capability to constantly lie despite realizing it affects me, worries me when i know I’ll don’t know the entire truth. I really like him, I 100% trust him in the feelings for the relationship, I am simply not ‘ can forgive any m


    Let me determine if people think his actions were forgiveable? We had an incredible relationship, must i just attempt to suck up and obtain within the fact he’s experienced love and done all of the usual romantic things before? I personally don’t like the idea of it, but that is more since i was brought to think he didn’t have that type of past.

    He informs me he continues to have a place of interest to males which he understands he’s bisexual now, but he did not benefit from the sexual component of his previous relationship and when i was ever to part ways, he’d only pursue women. However I am not really 100% certain he split up together with his ex…because there just been a lot of lies. He began happening online dating services for women per month once they separate, which following a college relationship, I believe is extremely quick. If he did not benefit from the sexual element, why would he wish to go round to his house, continue holiday with him as he understood the situations arise?

    On the side part, I’ve observed that it’s just with direct sexual contact

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag:

    I have had this factor just like a year, and that i never utilize it. It does not really appear to complete anything really helpful.

    Yes, it’ a previous address book, but same with my paper address book.

    If you have one of these simple things or perhaps a similar Palm, where do you turn by using it? Does it do this like a media player? If that’s the case, what software to make use of by using it, because the built-in tangible player sucks? Will it play video half way decent? My attempts unsuccessful totally.

    Every other great applications available that I am simply not finding? Screen would be to promising small to read e-books on. It’s no phone capacity nor wi-fi.

    I’d enjoy to locate a use with this factor.

  • mendhak:

    So this is actually the situation: My girlfriend and that i made the decision to organize the marriage by 50 percent.5 several weeks. Therefore we reserved the majority of our stuff within the beginning (including photography) Our wedding is within 30 days. So a week ago, she searched at other photography enthusiasts and requested others plus they informed her our digital photographer that we’re doing isn’t that great. So she was upset and desired to find other photography enthusiasts. She found 3 and that i known as all of them and all are reserved for the date for the wedding. So she got upset much more. I recommended one digital photographer and that we visited his house to check out his stuff and she or he kind of loved it, however the following next someone who had him take pictures informed her they did not like him. Here i had been again calling the man and saying weren’t interested. Therefore we made the decision to remain using the first digital photographer we reserved. Now, when it comes to engagement pictures, we made the decision on a single guy and already told him that we’ll go with him tomorrow. Today, she known as me and explained that they found a far greater guy to consider only the engagement pictures for $350 (believing that I’ll spend the money for extra $350, on the top from the $1500)

    At first we’ve made the decision which i covers the marriage photography and my budget was very tight ($1500, which incorporated the engagement shoot when we made it happen using the first digital photographer) I informed her if she wanted me to cancel the man we’ve for tomorrow and obtain the man she would like for $350, then she would need to spend the money for $350. By doing this it might be fair. She eventually ends up saying that well simply have my guy take pictures, but she seem very upset. She was upset which i requested her to pay for the $350. I simply do not get it!! exactly why is she making this type of large deal concerning the photos. The relaxation in our wedding ceremony planning is excellent, except this part. Just considering photography makes me wish to provide!!!

    Incidentally, the main reason we made the decision to complete the marriage so rapidly happens because I’ll be going to school of medicine and that i want her to include me (within our culture we must be married to reside together)

  • isk8at818:

    I am turning 18 in 2 days and my parents 25th anniversary is Tuesday. I’ve very little money like me saving for school of motoring and I am from employment. What’s something sweet to obtain them? It does not have to be a large and costly factor, just in the heart. What’s something they want? Help!

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