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The Spellbound Magic That Wedding Videos Cast

Wedding Video that started its journey long ago:

Though wedding videography is a very common trend today and none can ever imagine a wedding ceremony without a videographer capturing every moment of the occasion, the very concept is indeed very old. It may even amaze the readers that it first came into the scene even before video camera was created. In that period of time, videographing in the marriage used to be done by film cameras. But certainly it failed to cast a positive impact over the bride and groom as they had to stand for a long time in the bright lights of camera. But the invention of video camera proved to be a bliss in every wedding occasion and it has continued its magic till then.

The mesmerizing power of wedding videos:

Wedding ceremony is such a field where not only the couple gets united but the two families of the couple also get merged for ever. Here wedding video comes to add more spices in the auspicious event. Be it of the wedding of any religion, its role is quite pivotal starting from a single tiny event of the day from a grand one. All wedding videos like Wedding Videos Sydney which is a very well known videographing company, offer the best thing one can ever experience.

To all married couple, wedding video is a treasure containing all unforgettable memoirs of that very happening day, “The Wedding Day”. It can bring smile to everyone in the family irrespective of their age, It is such an asset that never gets old. Starting from you to your grand children, the video will be cherished and enjoyed by each and everyone and still it will give the same refreshment and charming experience along with giving you the opportunity to relive your past age.

In our busy life schedule, we hardly get time to attend our close relative’s wedding ceremony. We all know and realize the fact this special day of our closed one’s life is never going to come back again and give you a chance to enjoy to your heart’s content. But still you are left with no option as you are nothing but a slave of your super busy life. Here wedding video comes to soothe you when you are mourning over your absence in your special friend’s marriage. You can live each and every moment of the day seeing the video as every small detail is captured in it to give you enough succor and peace. Though not fully, but you can bet, it compensates enough as it makes you feel one in the party itself and then you regret your absence no more because you remain busy in rewinding the video to live every moment again and again!

Moreover, in such a grand event like marriage ceremony, there are numerous tiny incidents that remain unexperienced and unseen even though you were present there in that day. But watching the video even after many days, enables you to experience those unseen moments in a very exotic manner. Every smile and every laughter keep reverberating in your ears long after you have stopped watching it. So, your wedding video is enough to make your special day extra-special!

Persons behind the joy:

Though we hardly remember those people whose hands are real behind the camera, but yes, they are the cameramen only who make us cherish our beautiful moments even after we grow old. The cameramen like in the Wedding Videos Sydney are the real hero to document and capture our living moments and give it a form of an asset of life time.

Brighten My Life Like A Sunflower

Brighten My Life like a Sunflower

When I look into your eyes, I see golden sun,

I never doubted, I knew you were the one,

Like bright, cheery sunflowers,

You light up my day,

I feel your warmth, and invite you to stay…

The sunflower is an amazing plant with a rich history and warm symbolic meaning. The sunflower originates from Northern America. As wild flowers they grew through plains and meadows. History has discovered they were a domesticated plant as far back as 3000BC in the areas of Arizona and New Mexico, even before corn. The American Indians made took full advantage of their valuable resources by consuming them several different ways. One way they used sunflowers was by grounding or pounding them into flour for cakes, mush, or bread. The Indians also took the sunflower seeds and mixed them with meal, vegetables, beans, squash, and corn, adding a tasty treat to their meals. Sometimes the Indians just cracked the seeds and ate them plain. Another way they used them was by squeezing them for their oil in making delicious tasting bread.

Not only was the sunflower eaten by the Indians, they were also used in making purple dye for textiles, body painting and other decorations. The sunflower was also valued for their ability to become medicine in treatment for snake bites or other body ointments. The oil of the sunflower was also used for skin and hair. The American Indians also used the dried stalks for building materials making them a flower almost worshipped. They respected them so much that they were widely used in their ceremonies.

By the 1500′s, the Spanish found them interesting and took them to Europe where they became ornamental as well as medicinal. The oil seemed to be what the Europeans valued most. In 1716, an English patent was granted for squeezing the sunflower for their valuable oil commodity. By the 19th century the sunflower was widely used in Europe. In Russia alone, around 2 million acres of it was being produced yearly.

Early in the 1900′s the sunflower seed found its way back into the United States. By 1930 Canada also began breeding sunflowers. Sunflowers have an amazing history, traveling from the US to Europe and back.

Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding

Set the budget

While every couple planning their wedding must have a budget, it is even more important for the couple who wants a destination ceremony. Don’t worry if the budget is modest. Some venues can be quite inexpensive or even free to use.

Choose the location.

Once the budget is set, the location can be much more fun to plan. Check out all the areas that are interesting and fun, but keep in mind the budget.

Save the date

This may seem a bit obvious, but it is among the most important steps in planning a destination wedding. Depending on the size of the wedding, there may be a lot of logistics making sure that all the people who are involved can be in the right place at the right time. Because people have to get time off work, find lodging, and make travel plans, it is important to give them as much notice as possible.

Make sure you are legal!

Since many weddings of this type are in other states, countries, or even in the middle of the ocean, it is important to know the laws in that area. This may mean some extra time on the internet or on the phone, but it is doable. Depending on the location, a passport or other documents may be needed. Don’t leave this to the end. Make sure everything is ready for the big day!

Work with a planning company

While there are many things a bride can do on her own, it is often worth the time and money to go through a reputable planning agency. A company that has worked in the area before may know the best merchants with whom to work. Of course, this isn’t a necessary step, but having someone be the “go between” can cut down on much of the stress when planning a wedding at a distant location.

Make plans to help your guests

When going to a new place, everyone will need to know how to get around. Don’t leave guests and members of the wedding party to fend for themselves. Use natives of the area or the internet to help get directions to places they will need to be. It is a nice touch to have a packet of area information with directions and a schedule of planned events. This can be sent to the guests beforehand or placed in their rooms before they arrive. It is nice give this with a personal note or a small token of gratitude from the bride and groom. A fruit basket or box of chocolates can go a long way in making those who have traveled so far feel appreciated.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

No matter where a wedding takes place, it is easy to get overstressed. Don’t forget that nothing goes completely as planned. The wedding can go on even if everything isn’t as perfect as intended. Worrying over the small stuff just takes away from the joy of the day.

Have fun!

Maybe the most important point of all is to remember to have fun. A wedding is one of the most important days in life. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Saying “I do” in that special place may seem daunting, but planning a destination wedding doesn’t have to be difficult. Getting ready for the big day just takes a little preparation and planning. Don’t let the idea be overwhelming. Just follow these eight simple steps, and then sit back and enjoy your big day.

Popular Printing Techniques for Christian Wedding Cards

The wedding invitation card of your wedding has the crucial importance in the wedding. While the invitation wording and design are one of the factors for crafting an appealing wedding card, the printing technique used can also hint your wedding. While the printing process used may vary according to your budget,paper type and the design of the card also helps in judging a good one. Here is a description of some of the popular printing techniques for wedding cards.


It is the oldest printing method introduced in the seventeenth century. The letters are raised on the front and indented in the back of the invite. It works best for thick paper or colored paper and the best ink for this style is black. For engraving is more expensive than thermography, it is recommended to used be for ultra formal invites or in case of larger quantities of cards.


It is preferable when you desire to bear a feel of engraving at low cost. Though both methods are virtually indistinguishable, the wording is slightly shiny and the back of the invitation remains smooth. The paper used must not be shimmery or shiny as shiny thermographed letters won’t look good on a shiny background. It is great for formal looking wedding invitations.


It is commonly used for invitations having unusually textured paper. It is one of the priciest printing methods. The letters indent on the front and slightly raised on the back of the invite. It requires soft and bulky paper like cotton fiber or bamboo paper as letters and patterns won’t appear correctly on thinner paper. The paper is preferably light colored and the ink used is thin and darker.

Foil Stamping

The foil which is a special mylar backed material leaves the metallic design on the paper. Lighter foils like silver or gold looks good on darker papers. It is advised that only the keywords or complicated designs must be foiled because too much foiled text is difficult to read. Foil stamping produces a similar feel to letterpress. It is commonly used for wedding invitations having heavy textures and grooves and is comparable in price to engraving.

Digital Printing

The printing appears as a flat image similar to that received from a home laser printer. But the fading effect of a laser printer is eradicated. This method is suitable for casual wedding invitations. It is done on smooth or lightly textured papers. It is economical for those who want high print quality at reasonable prices.

Offset Printing

It is similar to digital printing, but designs and lettering will look more vibrant than digital. An inked impression is transferred from a plate to the paper via a rubber-stamp-like instrument. The letters and designs are flat and are suited for textured papers like cotton or bamboo. It is probably the easiest and budget-friendly printing method.


It is quite similar to letterpress and engraving, but no ink is used in this technique, also called blind embossing. Metal plates engraved with letters are stamped onto paper to leave the imprints. It is perfect for monograms and bordering and is done on thick paper like cotton fiber. It creates a visual 3-dimensional effect.

How Wedding Apps Can Help With Your Wedding Plans

Wedding Plandroid

The Wedding Plandroid app is a rather self-explanatory; it’s an Android app designed to assist brides in planning their marriage. This includes helping them in the search for a venue and organising the guest list. Wedding Plandroid also provides a brilliant reminder tool that ensures no bride will forget any of the minute details of the wedding by giving frequent updates and reminders throughout the wedding day.

David’s Bridal Consultant

Davis’s Bridal Consultant is one of the UK’s largest marriage planners and like many wedding companies it is branching out into app software to cater to its customers. It provides easy assistance for a number of wedding day preparations, such as providing brides with the chance to browse through the company’s range of luxury gowns and dresses so they find the dress ideal for their own personal style on their big day. This app also allows a bride to save details of the dresses that she intends to try on. This is particularly beneficial because the store can interact with this app to ensure these dresses are ready for the bride and her bridesmaids at the store when they arrive for fitting.

Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner allows users to manage and organise their wedding details with easy access to their data, thanks to the app’s simplistic but effective ‘navigate budget’ tools. The app also offers an array of inspirational visual concepts that can help to give users some good ideas for their wedding day. This app also allows brides and grooms to manage the style of their wedding effectively thanks to the inclusion to other visual planning devices like choosing dresses, makeup, cakes etc…

Wedding Countdown

Wedding countdown may be less practical than other apps available, but it is unique in that it offers a timer countdown that counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the day of the marriage. This is one of the more entertaining wedding apps because it is highly entertaining as well as being practical. It features an app that allows a bride to share a personalised countdown online through various Email and social media sites such as Facebook. Even after the wedding, the app can be altered for new count downs like a first wedding anniversary or a birthday.


Eversnap is a fantastic app to be used after the wedding, as it lets the friends and family of a bride and groom share the photos and videos they each made of the big day. However, unlike some other online photo sharing applications, Eversnap is straightforward and easy to use. All a user needs to do is create a photo album that will be used to hold all the images and videos and then invite your friends and family to add their own pictures to the album which they can then view through SMS or email. This is a very convenient means of sharing pictures and will naturally save lots of money on the printing and distribution costs that traditional wedding photographs will occur, especially professionally distributed images.

With all this assistance being provided by mobile apps, all that will be left to arrange is a wedding venue that can accommodate all of your grand plans.

Wedding Planners in Noida Required For a Memorable Wedding

Planning a wedding is a great responsibility and it will use up all of your time and energy. Weddings are expensive because there are so many aspects to planning a marriage successfully. If you want to enjoy the wedding, the only thing you have to do is hire a wedding planner. Professional planners make the arrangements for marriage easily and they also make sure the event is carried out exactly as planned. Today, wedding planning has become a career.

While weddings are special moments, but they occur with a great deal of tension. Hiring a planner takes that tension off your shoulders. A marriage planner will prepare the everything you need to have for the wedding of your dream, which includes all the accessories, table arrangements, decoration, music, lights, food and more. The most important thing to be considered for a planner is to check the availability of the preferred place. So it is necessary for every marriage planner to take each decision quickly. A perfect planner will listen all the demands of his client and take a good decision easily to make his client’s dream a reality.

All wedding planners have different packages and they are not too expensive. If you are trying to plan a wedding on a budget, a planner will create plans that are within your requirements. A professional marriage planner helps you to decide the budget and guide you about the types of wedding within your budget. He doesn’t come as a shock for you. A good planner will arrange all the special things for the bride or groom within the budget because he is able to understand the needs of his customer and he can create a better version of your dream wedding.

A wedding is something you have experienced just once in your lifetime, then it is important that everything is perfect. A highly professional wedding planner, who has successfully planned many weddings, knows exactly what you want and he knows how to make your wedding day a memorable experience. He is the person going to be a major part of your marriage, so you will feel more comfortable working with the planner that you can trust.

A highly professional planner provides a complete solution to planning your marriage ceremony from beginning to the closing. He will collect all your personal accessories from the vanue so you enjoy your after party. He can make your event enjoyable and stress free with the right planning and he will discuss about the budget, style, vanue, photography and video, catering, transport, flower & decoration and bridal wear at an initial meeting. By hiring a professional matrimony planner, you can make your wedding day beautiful and memorable, but make sure the person you are going to hire as a marriage planner must be associated with the reputable service provider.

5 Secrets of Sexual Touch That You Need to Know

Did you know that exploring sexual touch with your partner can turn out to be the most wonderful tool you could ever use to discover new sides of his sexuality? Many women tend to think that sexual touches are all about orgasm. However in reality, these touches are about exploration. If you want to be successful with sexual touch, restrain from viewing it as just another technique to get to an end at some point. To help you unravel sexual touch here are 5 secrets of sexual touch that you need to know, read on

1. Take Time To Touch

This is the golden rule of sexual touch. Exploring sexual touch will definitely take some time since it a delicate an intimate affair. Therefore spare enough time for sexual touch, most probably when you have very minimal distractions and when you don’t have to sneak out to attend to other activities in the middle of the activity. Sexual touch is absolutely not a “quickie’ kind of an affair.

2. Ground Yourself

View sexual touches with partner as some form of meditation. Try as much as you can to have a clear mind before embarking on sexual touches. You can arrange to have it coincide with a period just after yoga or after a walk. This will help concentrate; if you lose your concentration, your partner might notice it, so you need to all you can to make him feel calm and grounded.

3. Make Him Feel at Ease

Kick start with a warm bath, give your partner some time alone or do anything to them that will make them feel comfortable and relaxed. If he is in sensual pain make sure that he gets into a comfortable position. While the bed is the most apt place to have sexual touches, that doesn’t have to be the case all the time. You can have it on the floor, mattress, and a sofa; anywhere as long as your partner is relaxed. This is one of the 5 secrets of sexual touch that you need to know. I bet you didn’t have prior information to this.

4. Set the Mood

From the room temperature to the settings to the lighting to the background music, make sure that the ambiance is right. The main aim of doing this is to make sure that the atmosphere will be apt to take you in to deeper levels of relaxation. However, the setting should be in such a way that it doesn’t distract you from experiencing what’s happening between both of you.

5. Touch Different Zones of His Body

Don’t concentrate on one zone only as this may leave bored. If you work on one erogenous zone for more than 5 minutes, chances are that the zone will become desensitized. Shift from one zone to the other to give him episodes of untold pleasure. You can tell when it’s time to move on by the way he reacts. If he quivers with pleasure then you’re doing a great job, but when he lays still then its time you worked some other sensitive zones.

TCM Saves a Marriage on The Rocks

Nowadays, more and more people are confused by infertility, which not only brings infliction of body but also makes the huge psychological damage. Some couples even break up because of infertility. There is the story about TCM that saves a marriage on the rocks.

As the old saying goes, a child is the hope of one family. A child plays a very important role because she or he is the continuation of one family. Besides, in some traditional families, no child is a worst form of filial piety. Therefore, in the modern society with the high rate of infertility, more and more couples end up their marriage because of infertility.

Thinking about the experience of infertility several years ago, Ms. Zhou says with appreciation, “without this medicine, I can’t image what I am now.” the thing has dated from 2008.

After ending the three-year romantic situation, Ms. Zhou and she husband Mr. Liu got marriage in 2008. Because both of them wanted to have a family with a lovely child, they made a plan of pregnancy after marriage. However, the happy life didn’t last for a long time. The pregnant plan had done work for 2 years.

Both of them went to the hospital and made examinations about infertility, and Ms. Zhou was found to have the blocked fallopian tube. Then she was suggested do the surgery to block the fallopian tube. After the painful experience that the surgery was brought to Ms. Zhou, they continued to have a try with full confidence. However, the lucky goddess didn’t come into them.

Ms. Zhou said after the experience of physical and psychological pain, they all felt tried. Besides, the parents of Mr. Liu gave them a lot of pressure. They had to make a deal with each other if Ms. Zhou had not been pregnant in half a year, they would end up this marriage.

One day, Ms. Zhou heard one Chinese herbal medicine-fuyan pill on the net incidentally. With the mental state of having a try, she ordered this pill after a careful enquiry. One month later, the symptoms of blocked fallopian tubes had improved a lot. Three months later, she went to the hospital and did the examination again and she was surprise to find the fallopian tube was unblocked.

One month later, Ms. Zhou received the good news of pregnancy in the hospital. Mr. Liu held in his wife’s arms after he knew this message and he could not help crying. They wanted to thank this Chinese herbal medicine who saved their marriage on the rocks. Then the legend of two-year infertility and four-month fuyan pill has become popular in that area.

Now, this couple lives a happy life with their one-year-old boy. Meanwhile, Fuyan pill has been recommended by Ms. Zhou to her friends who have been confused by PID, fallopian tubes, endometriosis etc. nowadays, this herbal medicine has been accepted by more and more patients, which can bring them the health and the happy life.

How to Have Effective and Lower Wedding Venue Costs

Wedding venues in Cambridge provide a chance for the bride and groom’s family to entertain and welcome guests for grand gala times. There is estimation by the wedding planner or the groom and bride’s budget of how much their wedding should cost. This puts stress on wedding planning and brings the important element of how much the wedding should actually cost overall. These few creative ways are simply taking out from the planning couples and planners and family put together to make it a grand success.

8 Important Creative Ways to Reduce Wedding Costs

Guests List – most times the bride and grooms look at the guest list as the very first area to ensure precise numbers are maintained for the wedding venues capacity and wedding budget.

Venue and Decor – decorating has become increasingly do it yourself (DIY) which can open windows to creative opportunity or avenues. Venues can be turned for relatively less costly hall or home backyard, to school and college halls. With DIY decor its bound to affect the cost of the wedding on the lower side.

Alcohol Beverage Limitation – for non alcoholic brides and grooms spending money on assuming many guests will take the alcoholic beverage is a guess work. It’s better to assume the wedding will be a sober event that cuts down on the costs.

Avoid Extravagant Food Recipes – most brides and grooms to be can only go for the necessary and appropriate food recipes that complement their lifestyle, tastes and budget constraints. Given the massive number of people to entertain it becomes all the more wise to save on the absolutely required foods.

Labor and Officiates – having a relation or close friend who is ordained officiate and family labor volunteers can substantially help in reducing wedding costs.

Same Ceremony and Reception Venue – holding the occasion at the same venue esteems the guest’s time and saves money on wedding movement and transportation between venues and make it a wholesome affair.

Reduce Rehearsal Dinner Timing and Size – reducing rehearsal dinner tie and size can be helpful in some ways. But it’s should not affect the real reason it’s done, i.e. help brides and grooms calm and relax and improve synchrony on the wedding day.

Choose Better Dates, Seasons and Days -good days, i.e. weekends always come at steep rates and prices from the wedding venues services providers. Weekdays seem like everyone is busy with work and least bothered about wedding functions. Yet some times and dates even months can be very appropriate to hire even some wedding venue.

Choosing the Right Wedding Venue – Fashionable Society Events

As a wedding planner and event stylist, we know the venue will make or break the atmosphere and style of your wedding. Choosing the right venue is a task all in itself before any of the other planning even begins. Today, we go through some tips for making sure your wedding venue is everything you want it to be… and more!

Before you even consider a venue, our Brisbane wedding planner suggests you build your guest list and work from there. If you want an intimate wedding, your choices are quite unlimited but if you’re having quite a large guest list, you need to ensure there is enough room for everyone to be comfortable.

As an event stylist, we know the type of venue you choose can either be perfectly styled all on its own or can be a blank canvas for you to put your style into. If you’re choosing a venue that needs the styling, consider your budget, if you’re willing to do all the decorating yourself (as the venue is unlikely to offer).

ALWAYS go to the venue before booking it. Our wedding planner and event stylist Brisbane cannot recommend this enough. Never rely solely on the images you see online or in brochures. You’ve seen what Photoshop can do to the celebs and it can do the same to a run-down venue. If you have your heart set on the venue but don’t like its finishings, there are always things you can do. Trust the event stylist! Test the waters with the coordinator and see what can or can’t be moved around or replaced. Visiting the venue beforehand will also give you a good idea on the people that will be working for you on the day. Just like with your wedding planner, make sure you feel comfortable with them and you feel like they have your best interests.

Our event stylist know there is also a return to the marquee wedding – which is every wedding decorator’s dream as you have complete free reign to do all the decorating, in whatever theme the couple wishes. Be sure to pick a ground that will suit should the weather be dreary. If you’re having it on grass without laying a floor, consider the ground if it’s wet and what that would be like for furniture and your guests. If you’re having a marquee on public land, always check for permits or if there are certain forms you need to obtain to go ahead with your marquee. Some parks may not want peg and pole marquees as they leave holes in the ground. Some may not want flooring to be laid over the grass. There can also be restrictions on noise and setup times.

Wherever you choose to have your wedding, make sure it fits you and your partner to a tee. As a wedding planner and event stylist we cannot stress that you must always look at the venue with your own eyes. Just like the man and the dress – you’ll just know which is the one.