How to Get Your Boyfriend to Propose Faster

Trying to learn how to get your boyfriend to propose faster may seem like an impossible task. Lets face it, you have been waiting far too long, and it is time for him to step up and “be a man!”

Chances are you have dropped enough hints at this point, but not seeing any results. So what is left to do? Perhaps, an ultimatum would get your boyfriend to propose faster. The ol’ “take it or leave it” approach can, at times, work. But, it is also a very risky proposition. Push him to hard, and he might feel like he has lost the power in the relationship which will only delay things much longer.

How to Get Your Boyfriend to Propose Faster

So what is a viable solution? Threats won’t work, and if it does, your fiance would likely feel like they were bullied into the situation. What many women in your position often forget about is how powerful the simple act of creating artificial “distance” can be in getting your relationship moving the right way.

Creating Distance to Get Your Marriage Proposal in Play

While not for the faint of heart, creating a little distance can be a very powerful way to open the eyes of your boyfriend. Some good examples is to start to become less engaged in his daily activity. Show some indifference on things that you know are important to him. And maybe most effective, start being slightly evasive about what you do when you are not together.

Creating a little mystery about yourself while creating just a little distance between you can often lead to your boyfriend starting to realize that he is no longer the center of your universe. And chances are, he likes being the center of your attention!

However, do keep in mind that this is not for the faint of heart and this strategy can have the reverse result happen. In some cases, your boyfriend might start enjoying having some more space, and enjoy the distance between you. In fact, he might even start being evasive about what he was doing with you are not together!

Proceed with caution with this approach, and if you think it is too risky for your situation, you can consider some other ways to get your boyfriend to propose faster. Sometimes, you can take the route of getting to know his family better, and getting in good with his parents or best friends and let them do the dirty work for you.

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  • Jonathan:

    although good encounters will also be welcome.

  • Mr SoLo DoLo:

    I am wondering..when meeting a brand new person, how can you sense something is wrong? What can be signs this person could come out abusive, controlling, obsessive..Can there be anything?

    I’m asking myself this whenever there is a new person coming. It isn’t tided lower to some specific person.

  • Nathan B:

    I wish to lighten skin just a little, so I wish to determine if anyone’s attempted it before and just what was your results, or somebody.

  • Nick:

    I’m really eager for a boyfriend. I’m 13 and all sorts of my buddies get one. How can you look for a boyfriend?

  • Oilers:

    It seems like our buddies are becoming married and getting babies and living their adult lives using their adult jobs which they all are super well-modified to how quickly time goes, however i seem like it is going far too fast. And That I seem like I am the only person who seems like this.

    I miss finding yourself in senior high school and being lighthearted, without much responsibility.

    In lots of ways I still seem like a child, despite the fact that I am said to be a functioning adult.

    I really hope my boyfriend Does not offer me in the near future, because being engaged after which married just appears really frightening and like something I’m nowhere near ready for. However it makes me feel not normal because everybody else gets betrothed like it’s nothing.

    I’m 23 and that i feel so old now. I recall when all of the hot youthful celebs were way over the age of me. Now they are all way more youthful than me.

    Anyway, does others seem like this? And it is there anything that you can do to assist yourself adapt to the passing of time better?

  • Jeffery Carlson:

    My boyfriend works in Scotland and it is a Romanian citizen. He just really wants to have the ability to visit.

    Maybe I phrased this wrong. I understand that “I” avoid anything. He needs to apply for this themself. I simply desired to determine if there’s anything will be able to do to make it more entirely possible that it might get approval.

  • kamikami:

    i split up with my boyfriend. weve dated for more than 24 months. i figured he was having an affair, and that i requested him what he was doing, but he didnt am getting at. we’d a terrible arguement, and so i split up with him.

    works out he was looking to get us a ring to offer me. how do i speak with him and reunite with him? it had been a terrible mistake. hes so upset becuase hes disregarding my calls.

  • LN13:

    On my small men wall his closest friend published this girl loved him which he was happy on their behalf. He stated “Cassie (and added his surname) sounds good does not it?”, he would be pleased with her which uncle and cassie have spoken about this =/ My boyfriend then got mad stating that the idea of being together with her is disgusting etc and she or he got pissed off. So, must i be mad about this? since it seemed like he’d be best without me =/ what must i do? my boyfriend, uncle and that i are 17 and cassie is 15 >.<

  • Moore, Ron:

    I wish to offer my boyfriend, but when I suggest to him does which means that I have to buy my very own ring too or is he going to buy mine in exchange.

  • Phillip123:

    wich is much more important friendz or perhaps a boyfriend?

  • SKATEskum:

    inform us the storyline of methods he or else you suggested.

  • heavenly sword:

    Therefore we were getting some drunken sex last evening and throughout he states “I wish to marry you are able to I suggest at this time?Inch I’ll almost be two decades old and that he is just 19, I told him I needed the proposal to become special not throughout sex, i felt like I’m far too youthful. I really like him a great deal (he’s my first love), however i don’t have any intentions of having engaged soon, the entire idea kind of scares me. I requested him about his proposal publish sex a couple of hrs later, and that he explained he was serious which he really wants to marry me however that he’ll propose after college. What must i think about this? Advice, do you consider he’s getting too serious too quickly, we have only been dating for any year, but I have known him for several years.

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