How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Find What Went Wrong

Are you looking for a way to get your boyfriend back? What your best bet may be is to try to find out what went wrong in your relationship and fix it. Your hope is for your ex to see the changes you have made and see that things are looking better. It sounds too simple but it is advice that can actually work.

What you do not want to do is take complete responsibility for what may have happened, unless of course you are responsible for it. Women have a way of carrying the burden of the relationship but don’t do it unless you are at fault.

Finding and fixing the issues that may have caused your break up are great, just do not accept all the blame if it is not yours. If you think you cannot seek out the problem with an open mind seek the advice of family and friends. Let them tell you what they think of your ex boyfriend.

If they have something negative to say do not stick up for him, just listen with an open mind. You want to know the truth, not try to justify why you should stay with him when it may not be a good idea to do so. At this point you are trying to find out if you’re correct in wanting him back.

When you have reached the point you know what you did wrong or if it was your ex, it is time to start making changes. Now if it was your ex that needs fixing there is really not much you can do, he must do it on his own. But you can make improvements in yourself that will benefit you and your ex.

At the least it will make you a better person for it. The time spent making improvements to yourself will pay off for you regardless of the outcome with your ex boyfriend. Your future relationships could only be better because of it. Your ex may be impressed enough for what you have done that he now desires to be a better man.

If that happens and you get back together your relationship could be better than it ever was. But before all this happens give him some space and do not bother him too much. Enjoy yourself and let him relax some and think about you. When you have sorted things out for yourself then you can contact him.

Ask him if he would like to meet with you as friends without bringing up the fact you hope to get back together. If he says yes just have fun and see if you can keep seeing each other in the future as friends. You are letting him see the new you and hopefully he will like what he sees and want you back as his girlfriend.

11 Responses to “How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Find What Went Wrong”

  • Mathew:

    I lately discovered that my girlfriend scammed on me together with her old boyfriend and brought me to think it had been a rape. She split up beside me and made the decision to return to being single. Whenever we split up, I immediately began factor about another ex I’d contributing to just how much I needed her back. I recognized I designed a mistake after i left her with this other girl and I wish to understand how I’m able to get her back.

  • Travoiz:

    My old boyfriend and bestfriend are chilling out constantly like visiting the movies on and on places. This will make me angry becuase I feel like its against bestfriend code not to spend time using the bestfriends ex. He’s my old boyfriend and today him and my bestfriend are hangin together. Shall We Be Held wrong or right?

  • Moore, Ron:

    Help I don’t know wht to do with my ex boyfriends gift card he gave me for my bday and I’m short on cash and idk wheather or not it would b wrong to spend the money from a gift card my ex got me on my boyfriend? Is it wrong?

  • mrankinmatt:

    I’d much like to be aware what continues inside your heads relating to this. I’m in times where my ex boyfriend’s bestfriend likes me and can say such things as, “If only I’d met you before he did.” Both of us realize that all of this wrong, but he is proven to much like me.

  • whitesoxfan2347:

    I’ve been emotional mistreated by my old boyfriend as well as it had been just for per month . 5 I are afflicted by sense of being guilty. I split up with him however Personally i think terribly guilty and accuse myself because of not dealing with him well and being wrong in everything Used to do. How to approach this?

  • Clayton Cottrell:

    What is the relationship? And when you can briefly let me know the way you know, that might be great.

  • Rishi:

    This is actually your opinion of what is your opinion the connection is, or ought to be. What exactly may be the relationship?

  • llb443:

    Exactly what does cheating in long-term relationship, say concerning the relationship, and the one who is cheating as well as their attitude regarding their partner and also the relationship, mentioning to relationship over three years.

    1) Do people cheat since they’re unhappy inside the relationship

    2) Could it be about themselves like a person.

    3) Are you able to be deeply in love with your lover is that you simply cheat. ?

  • norrin_shadowwolf:

    men u like just a lot of the slutty one evening stand women and like getting a great time or can you rather link with a loved one?

  • ttocs:

    what’s something which may have a relationship, although not people. like another thing that involves mind whenever you think about the subject ‘relationships’ or maybe even whenever you hear the text first jumps to your mind

  • Rishi:

    What exactly are some terms that decide on a casual relationship?

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