Relationship Advice – What A Man Wants in a Relationship!

Relationships are hard enough when you know what the other person wants. One of the main problems women experience when looking for their “ideal man,” is they think they know what a man really wants in an “ideal mate,” but they are usually wrong… right across the board! To help out the ladies, here are some common things that men would like their partners to be…

A woman who can think for herself. While men secretly like for their lady to believe their man can and will take care of them; men also like to think their lady can take care of herself. It is certainly comforting for a man to know his partner believes in him and can put her trust in him completely, but at the same time, men would like to believe their partner can also be independent when they need to be.

A woman who is attractive. This can encompass several different areas. While men like a woman who is pleasing to the eye, there is more than just surface beauty to consider. Men also love a woman who is beautiful on the inside as well. Her personality, her passion, her compassion, her interests, her sense of humor and sense of fun, are only a few of the aspects of a woman men use to gauge how beautiful a woman really is.

A woman who is fun. Even couch potatoes like to break loose at times and have fun. But in order for them to have a truly fun time, the woman has to have fun as well. Having a playful side will also bring the man out of his secure shell and make him more adventurous. In the end, having fun is just another way for him to express himself.

A woman who is honest. Honesty is the cornerstone of a relationship. Its presence can keep a couple together… just as sure as its absence will cause it to fail. Men love security too! They love women who give them that security. Want a man to feel loved? Be honest with him.

A woman who is mature. No man wants to have a child for a partner. They don’t want to be with a woman who is constantly throwing temper tantrums, acting out, being whiny, and all of the other characteristics of a spoiled brat that are so unappealing. Women are always saying they want a mature man in their life. Men want the same experience with their partner also!

Learn about yourself… what makes you the way you are? Are destructive emotions at the heart of any problems you are experiencing with your relationship? Are you honest with your partner? Do you have fun together? What are your beliefs?

37 Responses to “Relationship Advice – What A Man Wants in a Relationship!”

  • evangldbrg:

    I am 22 here, and that i only want up to now ladies who are between 38 and 48 years old. Have you got any suggestions about dating women this age?

  • John G:

    i am getting so impatient. i wanna be married. i am 28, and each guy recently until recently only have wanted sex with no relationship or simply desired to cheat beside me. where are the males who would like marriage as well as an actual relationship?

  • soccermaster1:

    I wish to listen to military males in addition to military spouses and female friends. And please produce advice. He’s positioned in Japan while Im studying within Philippines, its a 5 hrs flight came from here, does it work?

  • Gundown64:

    I am talking about, males tend to be rational & logical in lots of matters whereas women often think more psychologically & possess a more story book look at stuff. Not every women, quite a few them. I notice this like a female myself. Shall We Be Held sexist?

  • Austin:

    Nearly all women fall asleep beside me immediately only having seen my swag, so that as a red-colored blooded American guy I meet thier demands but it is truley absurd. Once I sleep together they’re essentially not-marriable. No guy wants a significant relationship having a girl who hops directly into mattress together..I’m not going a status for getting a significant relationship having a sIut.

    Produce top tips?

  • Marshal:

    hi, i wish to have the ability to have laugh and make good rapport with my male co-workers, bosses etc.

    are you able to advice how to pull off it? I’m 31 years old, and attractive women. I’m divorced now. I’ve frequently felt that males get more attracted than needed basically start interacting more . Not concerned about basically the attractive and attached ones. I’d rather not give people wrong impression but nonetheless have the ability to express my respect and affection to my co-workers.

    will it be accomplished?

  • Oilers:

    I have to understand how to steer clear of an abusive relationship for that long-term. I’m okay with remaining away for a while, however it begins to get at me and that i start second speculating myself.

    I’m wondering if anybody has consider your experience on which assisted them steer clear of the abuser. I truly do not want this to help keep happening, but may I do not think I am sufficiently strong to get it done alone.

  • sean:

    Any advice for any guy to really make it make use of a lady?

  • baldy eire:

    I am deeply in love with a Mormon, although he really does not do anything whatsoever to do something like one. Used to do investigate chapel to impress him, but there have been a lot of holes and incongruencies that i can have confidence in it and it is simply not for me personally. I would like to marry him, but I won’t raise children for the reason that chapel. I additionally have no idea if his family would approve. Any advice??

    All rude solutions is going to be reported!

  • Dark_LovexXx:

    can anybody let me know about thier relationship like a couple after they have were built with a threesome with another lady?

  • mmminja:

    I understand many graduate males with professions such as this, a number of them want marriage and kids too.

    Shall we be likely to still begin to see the quickly growing amounts of single graduate professional ladies who desire a relationship having a guy, but cannot locate one that’s appropriate?

    Colanth – you’re a lady. Graduate males frequently don’t choose graduate women, particularly should they have the attitude that you simply describe. Why would i would like a lady to worship me simply because Sometimes?

  • Nick:

    Me and my fiance got together again a couple of several weeks ago and contains been great. There exists a boy together so its vital in my experience to complete the very best I’m able to to operate things out. I had been just searching for top tips on stuff that keep the guy thinking about rapport. What keeps him wanting you and also you alone? There’s an amazing sex existence which has never been an problem. What exactly are somethings will be able to do in order to keep him so directly into me. Thanks

  • Benihana:

    Inside a serious relationship so how exactly does a guy just like a lady to do something. I dont enjoy being too complete however i think I’m sometimes. I wish to keep my partner happy forever and wish top tips from males regarding how to keep him happy and satisfied. Don’t be rude. Thanks.

  • louisewoods1984:

    I’m while the divorce and lately met an excellent girl. I wish to be truthful and let her know that my ex to become is expecting our second child shortly. I had been also very unhappy and committed infidelity throughout our marriage. I have not scammed in almost any associations throughout my existence and believe strongly in honesty. I recognize since my extreme disappointment brought me for this wrong path. This isn’t my character but desire a second chance at existence along with a solid relationship. Any advice?

  • Mc L:

    I wish to find the best guy who desires rapport however it appears like they do not want commitment or curently have a partner. It is beginning to get at me. Why do so difficult? Any advice? Personally i think old I understand I am not however i do.

  • cardskid22:

    I lately arrived on the scene a couple of several weeks ago. I’m happy about this. However am concerned about obtaining a boyfriend.

    I’m not into random hook ups. Not just in my own health, you will find lots of STDs available, however i likewise want the emotional support rapport provides.

    Are most gay males exactly the same and wish rapport, or perform a majority stick to the stereotypical behavior of not wanting rapport but simply random sex?

  • everydayGuitarist:

    I have been dating my girlfriend for 3 several weeks now. Our relationship is amazing, psychologically. However, physically, it’s not things i would expect. I am her first serious boyfriend, but she isn’t my first serious girlfriend, and so i type of wish to move upwards physically. We have constructed and stuff, I am just prepared to introduce foreplay towards the relationship, however i am scared to create up I’d rather not cause any problems or discomfort within the relationship. What must i do?

  • RichT:

    Why would a guy that’s inside a commited relationship wish to watch strippers? His gf will strip for him and have sexual intercourse( without needing to pay her). So what is the large deal about watching a ladies who does’t know your alive expect the very fact you allow her half your pahcheck. What is wrong together with your gf or wife you need to take a look at other women?

  • encyclopath:

    I am 16 and I have never been near to getting a boyfriend. Ever. The issue is, I would like everyone from the decent males appear to possess absolutely no real interest in me. I needed to understand if this sounds like normal, and just how I’m able to get decent males to really see me as opposed to just not really knowing I exist. I’m not going rapport to become temporary though. I additionally find boys who flirt along with you all the time rather disturbing.

    Listed here are (a lot more than) a couple of particulars about me to assist with any solutions:

    -There’s next to nothing wrong with my physical features. I am the best size (whatever that’s – individuals have explained I’m, though) and also have learned many occasions that I am most likely the most amazing girl in the region. However, I’m pretty flat-chested.

    -Lengthy hair, unstraightened, undyed.

    -I’ve got a sense of humour.

    -I actually do have male buddies, however i don’t really locate them everything attractive.

    -I recieve great grades in nearly every subject, but I am not every school-obssessed.

    -I am short-sighted, however i don’t put on my glasses unless of course I absolutely need to.

    -I am mature in my age (personality-smart)

    -I am inclined to get really depressed, self-concious and self-loathing nowadays, so when I actually do I’m able to acquire some suicidal ideas.

    -I recieve jealous easily.

    -I acquired cajolled (vocally and physically) for around 8 years in other schools.

    -I do not trust people everything easily, leading to me too have deficiencies in good buddies.

    -I am a whitened-British with light olive skin.

    -I am bilingual.

    -I have simply no knowledge about associations.

    -I am among the best Stars within our Year Group and plan to become an Actress.

    -I’m able to get paranoid sometimes and begin convinced that the whole world hates me.

    -I just read books a great deal and play game titles on my small laptop (such things as Dragon Age and Tomb Raider).

    -I love the color black (together with dark red-colored and dark eco-friendly) and have a tendency to hear some depressing music (not since it is depressing).

    -I love writing.

    -I personally don’t like science.

    -I’d rather not just day a man, have a great time after which move onto another guy. I would like rapport to really be significant.

    -While some would choose vibrant and colourful wallpapers, I’d choose something not too vibrant with detailed designs onto it.

    -People appear to consider I am a ‘Crazy Cat-Lady’ simply because I stated I love felines more than a year ago.

    Yeah, somewhat something that will help you help make your solutions more useful in my experience.

    And so it’s not necessary to try to remember or scroll support, the questions were:

    1) Could it be normal for any 16 year-old (much like me) not to (or ever endured) possess a boyfriend?

    2) How (does a woman much like me) obtain a decent guy to really notice me (instead of being depressed by all of the excitable popular women)?

    I do not mind when the relationship does not start working immediately (that might be creepy), I am fine when the decent men begin nearly as good buddies. It’s easier to have good buddies with no boyfriend than neither, in the end.

    Also, I am confident I am a straight female, so don’t say “O ur gay. Thats y U no has boyfriend”, or anything you were thinking about stating that involved saying I am drawn to women (which I am not). I understand I am not gay because I’ve had a couple of crushes on males (yes, males. Not women) previously, mostly men with lengthy hair along with a sense of humour.

    I anticipate seeing what kind of answer you might produce, and sorry to take such a long time. Appreciate any useful solutions!

  • Zanto:

    I’m 38 days pregnant. My spouse and i are extremely excited to become getting our first baby. I simply question, how has your relationship between you and your partner transformed since getting an infant?

  • gail C:

    They are saying they need something, yet when they have it they panic… They provide me assistance with other males and associations yet they don’t follow their very own advice…

    Are males actually more scared if this involves love then women?

  • veemodz:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for around annually . 5. Yesteryear 6 several weeks i’ve had no sexual attraction to him whatsoever…and when i actually do have sexual intercourse with him i finish up getting all upset after and crying. i understand sex is not all things in rapport however with out closeness or attraction i seem like we’re just buddies. he really wants to have sexual intercourse beside me however i just cant bring myself to get it done. cleaning me?

  • wwwavid360gamercom:

    my sister comes with an dependence on black males. she cannot have them from her mind. she would like rapport but none of them of those black men she’s sex with want associations… how do you turn her from highly sexual black males so she may have a relationship with someone a minimum of nice? I understand nice black men exist but seriously, spend have 12 kids from 8 different fathers before she finds a pleasant black guy… advice please?

  • Mark:

    My pal provided top tips regarding how to win the center of the girl who’s heart broke from her last relationship.

    His advice was “Behave like a guy, take control try not to be over fervent.”

    Exactly what does he mean exactly and just how will i become that? I requested him to become more specific and that he really did not want too. He stated be an ass and do not request her what she would like to complete simply do it.

    Just how does a guy become a “guy” around women to draw in them?

  • joevsyou:

    I am escaping . of the sick relationship. This person virtually destroyed my for just about any other guy, to become perfectly honest, I’ve no need to even meet anybody new, due to the harm he triggered. He’s crushed my spirit so completely that it is pointless to even repeat the process, I understand this sounds pathetic but frankly its the way i feel. Does anybody have suggestions, reading through, etc. Anything could be useful.

  • alberto s:

    I understand a 38 years old guy, that has no kids or perhaps a girlfriend. He uses a relationship, but always picks the incorrect women. I believe he’s cursed and I wish to simply tell him he must give on the thought of getting a household and revel in his freedom. It appears like several these women do is play games with him which are allegedly grown women.

  • Cpt Excelsior:

    I am a newcomer and I am presently inside a music theory and sight singing class in class. The teacher, who also shows piano and singing is that this large, chubby, gay guy. He’s so nice friendly and that i actually want to get into AP Music composition and Sight Singing the coming year, like a sophomore, but that is leading to me to do something very socially awkward. My teacher decides who will get in, and it is usually according to who he likes best. Yes, it sounds dumb, but I wish to form rapport with him and prevent being so awkward! (Clearly, by relationship, I simply mean students-to-teacher relationship!)

    I do not consider what I am saying until I recognize how stupid willing and able it may sound. He’s so nice I would like him to love me! He forms really close bonds with a few students (especially older ones,) help!

  • Sriram R:

    Okay males and ladies be truthful can you’ve got a relationship with someone without sex becoming an problem? I am a virgin so sex is definetly a no-no until I visit a ring on my small finger. I wish to know because I have never experienced rapport and I’d rather not lead a man on. Is the fact that what’s expected inside a relationship? Is sex an important area of the package? Please answer truthfully and that i wouldn’t mind listening to past encounters!!!!! Ok last one another question what’s good quality advice for the initial kisser?

  • altair:

    Im 17 likely to be 18 soon I’ve only come to my mother but I have always wanted ta have another relationship having a guy. However only appear ta get hit on by effeminate men when things i Ned is really a men guy much like me can anybody produce some suggestions or advice to I.D. another masculine gay guy in social configurations.

  • Mr SoLo DoLo:

    This appears to become a trend in many associations but I am mentioning especially to highschool associations. So why do a couple nobody like one another usually finish up fighting at some things? What’s the reason for this? What’s the mental reason behind this?

  • Xbox360king:

    Another evening my hubby requested me if he was the greatest guy I rested with and that i stated honestly? He desired to know. And So I told him after i was 18 I dated a black fitness expert in the club who were built with a large penis. It’s been a couple of days and that he still has not talked to me, so what can I actually do to really make it better?

  • Derek:

    My old boyfriend and that i were on good terms and that i was at his existence. He does not need to see other people, but he does not desire a relationship either. I ended speaking to him a few days ago, thinking he’ll miss me and wish rapport. Shall We Be Held doing the best factor by not speaking to him and giving him zero attention? I want suggestions about how you can reunite with him. What’s going to lead him to wish to pursue rapport again beside me? Why is men want someone?

  • Paul M:

    I want to escape an abusive relationship. I haven’t got family or buddies to remain with. Family will not take me in without getting employment. I needed to quit my job because my baby was created having a health problem. What goes on inside a shelter?

  • gail C:

    My mother always had explained up to now “my kind” the whitened blonde guy. My mother does not approve every other race or she’ll get out there and attempt to break us up (true story). I am presently dating an Arabic, handsome guy. I still want my mother and that i to speak but I’m not going her to prevent speaking in my experience. Any tips or advice?

  • krow147:

    they’re departing the connection??

    So any partner available thinking about departing a violent relationship, don’t under any circumstance let your spouse know, leave when they are not there and visit somewhere safe where they would not look.

    Re Sheloves… regrettably a lot of womenOrmales happen to be killed throughout this time around, and clearly not aware of the chance of this happening, which must be shared and may possibly save lives – so that your response was unnecessary.

  • Taylor2k:

    I have lately become engaged for an Egyptian guy in Cairo. My loved ones really wants to meet him personally because they have talked to him many occasions on chat. I had been studying abroad and the family was hosting me in Egypt. I understand he isn’t looking to get a eco-friendly card from me (for just about any individuals who’re suspicious). He does not wish to immigrate towards the US or perhaps remain in the united states for over a month. We would like to get him a tourist visa so he is able to stay and meet my loved ones for just two days most abundant in being 3 days. We’d passion for him arrive at visit in December so he is able to experience how Christian believers celebrate Christmas since i have remained/resided with him all Ramadan in Egypt.

    I am not searching for relationship advice online! Among the finest to understand how to get him a tourist visa in the future meet my loved ones for Christmas. We’re wanting/praying for him in the future at December since my buddy is going to be getting his Japanese girlfriend to go to in December after residing in Japan for several years.

    So what can we all do? I attempted visiting the embassy and speaking/ getting help however i was declined entry with no one solutions their phones or emails. Should i write my fiance instructions of support? He’s many ties to Egypt because he is really a college student as well as is in the center of getting a house (that is studying the courts for legalisation).

    What exactly are we able to do? Do you know the steps? Where will we attempt?

  • Kaylla:

    Anybody that has were built with a effective lengthy distance relationship knows how all of this feels. Im really searching for somebody that maintained a lengthy distance relationship for 7+ several weeks after which ultimately got to get along with the romance of the existence.

    I wish to understand how it increased you, or maybe either individuals transformed. Did either individuals grow and be more open to some things?

    Here is my (Our) story:

    Whenever we first met, both of us fell for each other immediately. Not to mention we’d both experienced lots of misery formerly. Our relationship was great, so we battled through such things as most couples do, but we always arrived on the scene on the other hand, a lot better than whenever we began.

    Im a clingy girl, im so afraid to loose him and consequently i stress him by helping cover their my constant calling and worrying and crying as he cant call me.

    He’s going to return the place to find California (My home is washington) He emerged here and merely discovered that he did not such as the area, the only real reason he remained happens because he found me, and loves me a lot. However i cant are in position to watch him be sad any longer nor can he, So he’s returning home… To ensure that me to have the ability to accept him lower there i must have the ability to work making an earnings, however i don’t have any group of abilities that helped me to obtain a job that pays decent. So i will Culinary school, its a 9 month course. He agreed when in the finish of individuals several weeks, if he is able to accommodate me i quickly may come be around him.

    The greatest problem for me personally is the fact that he’s been so busy, i havent really talked to him inside a couple of days, not really a texting, im use to speaking to him a great deal, and it is breaking me lower, i cry all the time, and im so sad and depressed and filled with anxiety.

    He is the greatest factor that ever became of me and my existence, and today something similar to distance means i possibly could loose him forever. He does not think i’ll allow it to be the entire 9 several weeks, and i am not i will either. Especially since he’s going to be busy in Cali. too, and that he wont have the ability to call or speak with me very frequently.

    How do you deal with this? I’ve wished to just start consuming to numb myself into it all, but it is not right, around it might help, it might be also totally stupid, but im so enticed to simply keep myself high or something like that with the whole factor in order to allow it to be. This is actually the most heart wrenching discomfort i’ve ever had.

    It might seem silly to many, but anybody that has experienced an appreciation so grand, knows how badly this affects me. No guy has available me wish to just lay lower and die while he will not be around any longer, or i will need to spend my existence without him. However this guy has much hang on me.

    I have no idea basically could be sufficiently strong if he cant call me almost whatsoever, not really texts. And That I do not have anybody to speak to when im inside my cheapest =[ Nobody that helped me to feel good, Anybody i’ve talked to, does not really know how i’m able to love someone a lot and become prepared to endure this rather than searching for another person.

    He’s my true love, i understand that. So for me personally, there arent “Lots of other seafood within the ocean” He’s everything i possibly could ever request for and much more.

    Im willing to get this done for him, however i have no idea basically can make it with my sanity in tact, im already so upset and sad. And hes still within this condition, he leaves saturday…(twelfth) as with tomorrow =[

    However the past couple of days he hasnt stated much in my experience, it can make me nervous, and that i miss him terribly becasue he’s too busy to possess spent his last couple of days beside me. He stopped by for fifteen minutes to decrease from the relaxation of my stuff that were at his place, which was wednesday, he then vanished. I understand he offers quite a bit on his plate and hes really consumed with stress. I simply wish he’d time to get the telephone, for a couple of seconds, to or text even and say “Hey babe, i really like you! stay! Sorry i havent existedInch


    I suppose really, im just searching on for someone to speak to for the following 7+ several weeks, that helped me to cope with this, I truly need someone, not somebody that informs me im stupid for doing it, but somebody that can realistically lift me up when im lower making me feel good, and im going to possess a large amount of bad days, and days when im lower.

    Im 20 incidentally, he’ll be 24 soon, hes a music performer and he’s going to follow his imagine a musical career, his buddies and that he, are really musically amazing. they’ve created beautiful music together and that i know they’ll go places, which is exactly what he’ll be focusing on as he dates back, might engaging in a home together with his band mates, using the hopes which i will have the ability to join him.

    Yes, it makes him sad to consider i wont reach be around him, he really hopes i actually do allow it to be, but im by myself and that he cant assist me to, its an outing of private growth i must undergo on my own.

    In order to be a better person and as a result return to him and also have our bond and relationship a lot more powerful.

    Basically can perform this, only then do we can cope with anything. We’re both creating a sacrifice at this time to ensure that we are able to gain

    Edit: Many people are doubters simply because they either have experienced a poor expierience and didnt pick themselves as much as search for something better, Or they have a tendency to follow along with the popularity again and again again with no success simply because they dont change their tactics.

    Everyone would need to be aware of guy, and also you would need to know me to have the ability to give advice i suppose, yes, it would be a tall to request this.

    I am not naive, as numerous women are, i’ve had my share of heart pain, however i have selected myself up and attempted many occasions over, every time learning something totally new and enhancing myself, i am not jumping into this not understanding the potential risks and without thinking, so just concern, however your doubt within me isn’t things i requested.

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