The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Get Your Ex Back

If you’re looking for ways on how to get your ex back, then one of the things you need to do is understand the do’s and don’ts of a breakup. This is essential if you don’t want to ruin your chances of getting back your ex.

So what are the do’s and don’ts of “how to get your ex back?”

Don’t be possessive and pushy

Your ex doesn’t belong to you anymore and you have no right telling them how to act and what to do. You can’t convince them to come back to you if they don’t want to. If you keep pushing them then you’re only going to make it worse.

Don’t be a stalker

The only thing this will get you is a restraining order. You’re going to scare your ex if you keep appearing at their favorite hangouts or at their office. Virtual stalking is out of the question as well. Don’t peek at their Facebook profiles and check their status all the time. You need to respect their privacy or they’re going to block you or delete you from their friends list.

Do be patient

It may take some time before your ex comes back to you until then you have to learn to be patient. It took a while for your relationship to fall apart so it’s also going to take a while to make things right again. If you’re impatient then you’re going to be restless and you may end up begging your ex to come back to you.

Do clear your head

You need to grieve in order to clear your head. Negative emotions can really affect you because you won’t be able to think straight. You’re thinking you want your ex back but you’re not thinking of the right ways on how to do it.

Don’t be prideful

Swallow your pride and admit to your mistakes. If you keep pointing fingers and insist that the breakup was not your fault then you’re never going to win your ex back. Your ex needs to know that you’re truly sorry for hurting them. If you take responsibility for your wrongdoings then you can also be responsible for making the necessary changes when it comes to your personal life. You know that you did something wrong and you need to change your bad behavior and attitudes.

Don’t go behind your ex’s back

Talking behind your ex’s back and saying nasty things about them is so high school. You’re hurting and you’re upset but you need to be mature about this. If your ex finds out you’ve been telling lies about them or making them look bad then it’s a major turn off and they will be disgusted with your antics.

Do keep your distance

You’re very emotional right now and if you want to know how to get your ex back then you need to keep your distance for a while. You may end up calling your ex all the time and appearing desperate if you don’t give them space. You need to pull yourself together before you can face your ex again.

I want to help because I was just like you not too long ago.

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  • therundown2k3:

    I am likely to be one step-mother to some 9 years old boy. For you personally other step-parents, have you got unwritten, unspoken step-parent rules? Not discipline rules… rules relating to do’s and do nots to be one step-parent?

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    Stuff that you avoid?

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  • baldy eire:

    all i had been told is keep your conversations casual and dont mention the connection, allow her to get it done as well as demonstrate to her a great time so she will remember exactly what a great guy i’m and regret splitting up beside me to begin with…

    Anymore Do’s and Don,ts?

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