Why Do Men Pull Away When Things Start to Get Serious?

It’s a shocking reality when you see your man pulling away from you just when things start to get serious. When you’re serious about the relationship, and see this happening to you, then you normally will get mad and trying to do something that you shouldn’t do. Perhaps you’ll yell at him and demand commitment in a forceful way. Well, this is how most women do when things seem to go out of their way.

However, think about the effect in your relationship in the long-term. When you do that, you will only affect your relationship in a negative way. This kind of behavior only makes your man want to pull away further from you. And what will happen next? If you keep the rope tight, then it will eventually be broken off.

It’s the same in your relationship. When your man is getting too anxious of your behavior, and when you push him too much, he will initiate the break up. Eventually. It might be soon or later, but it’s likely to happen to you. So, be careful.

What you need to do then? When your man is pulling away from you when things start to get serious, you need to keep yourself cool. It doesn’t matter whether your man will disappear from you for a week or a month. If you keep yourself cool, he won’t go too far. So, you need to act as if nothing serious happened.

Then, you want to know what’s inside the mind of your man at the time. What makes him want to pull away from you? Is there any specific reason for him to do so? Please note that as long as he’s not yet telling you that he will no longer see you, it will be alright to expect him to come back to you again. However, when he suddenly tells you to break up with him, then it will be a different story.

In this case, you need to make sure that his reason for the break up is a valid reason. Why? If you want to keep him in your relationship, you need to understand him fully. If the break up decision is caused by you, then you must be willing to change to preserve the relationship. Remember that break up decision is not carved in stone. Most of the time. You can still change your partner’s decision by doing something that will attract him back as soon as possible.

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  • The Inc:

    So I’m a 43 years old women. I’m unmarried, I had been married however i divorced a couple of years back. It wasn’t an unpleasant divorce me and my ex husband possess a healthy relationship. We have an 18 years old boy who’s away at school. So eventually I had been in a bar with a few buddies. I wasnt attempting to pick someone up or anything I had been just there to have fun with a few buddies. Also it seemed to be quite a nice, fancy place. Since my divorce I’ve dated a bit but haven’t really become into anything serious. And So I what food was in this area and that i was sittting in the bar watching a baseball game and there is this youthful guy about mid 20’s sitting alongside me. We simply began speaking over over the overall game and so the conversation continued after that.I didn’t drive their my pal accomplished it she explained that they are ready to depart. I stated I wasnt prepared to leave yet and so i would have a cab home. (No one were drunk) We continued speaking and because the conversation continued I began to actually began to feel drawn to him. He was wise, funny, intellectual, mature, cute, sweet, kind caring. And that we was really caring guy, not jsut some jerk searching for sex like the majority of males are. Next factor I understood hrs had passed and also the place could be closing soon therefore we stated our goodbyes. I requested him I f he could drive me home while he was said to be the designated driver for a few his buddies who choose to go home earlier. I live a couple of blocks away so he didnt mind. So he required me home so when we drawn up before the house he walked me towards the door of my apartment just like a gentlemen. We stated out goodbyes and that we stated just how much we loved one anothers company and just how both of us loved the conversation. Then your both us went set for a goodnight hug. It had been only a small little peck. But that small peck felt so magical and that i understood he felt it too. Therefore we were just considering one another eyes also it felt so magical that people jsut snapped up one another and began passionately kissing. Following a lengthy passionate hug he made the decision it had been really late and The time had come for all of us both to get at mattress. Therefore we stated goodnight and that we exchanged telephone numbers. Irrrve Never expected anything such as this to occur. So the following day he known as me and stated he he really loved me but felt really miserable using the age difference ( he was 25) and It seemed like method to. Therefore we spoken as mature grown ups and agreed that people would remain buddies and date people our very own age.So a few several weeks passed and that we continued to be buddies and that i continued some dates with men my very own age but nothing ever got serious. Then i recognized which i wanted him. Therefore we known as eachother up and agreed that people must be together but simply didnt understand how it was gonna work. So we’ve been dating privately for more than a year now and that we truly love one another. The main problem is we shouldn’t hurt our families. I understand I’d never want my boy dating a ladies older than him but we cant help the way we feel. And the family would not agree to me dating him. And That I wouldnt really blame them. And associations such as this usually never work. And we have to consider such things as beginning a household but we simply love one another a lot. Also due to age difference that may get ugly later in existence BUT We Like EACHOTHER. I want help please

  • toysruslover:

    Basically walk without any footwear does that instantly cause me to feel wierd, could it be right ever just to walk without any footwear?

  • supernerd567:

    i have heard that some men are scared to fall madly in love so that they withdraw, act strange, become distanced or try to escape once the things get serious plus they start feeling some thing

    do you consider it’s correct?

    thank you for sincere and honest solutions

  • Keaton:

    OK, after i find out about people (usually men) who get out there and start shooting people all over the place, after wards I just read that they are ‘suffering from depression.’

    So how exactly does depression cause you to all of a sudden enter your vehicle and get out there and shoot people? Is not sensible in my experience. I figured depression was you simply feel below par and don’t want to complete anything!

  • mavis24:

    I have been getting cheating having a loaded married guy for 8 several weeks now. It’s exercised very well, he’s been purchasing me great things, began having to pay my rent, he even bailed me from jail after i had a Drunk driving on Halloween. 3 several weeks ago, he explained his wife was getting suspicious concerning the charge card claims and that he would need to stop having to pay my rent. We began seeing one another more rarely, he began speaking about breaking them back, and so i recognized the time had come to spend. I ended taking my contraception, and a pair of days ago I required getting pregnant make sure discovered I am pregnant.

    I known as him and told him I’d have an abortion for $30,000 plus expenses, otherwise I’ll call his wife and seek supporting your children, I told him I’m able to most likely get $30,000 annually just in supporting your children. I had been highballing him, I’ll accept $20,000 plus expenses, I believed he’d attempt to negotiate. He freaked on me, known as me lots of names, but ultimately offered me $8000. I told him hell no, he left in tears. I known as his wife at the office and requested her to possess her husband call Becky. She wasn’t suspicious, it had been only a warning shot…. I needed him to understand how easily I possibly could destroy his family and the existence, which I had been willing to get it done. He known as me ina furious rage, I have never witnessed anybody so angry. I told him pay me $30K and I’ll disappear forever. He offered me $12 grand, I told him screw that, you cannot even customize the vehicle for $12K, repeat the process asshole. My buddies let me know simply take the $12 grand….. however i said excitedly if he is able to find 12 he is able to find 8 more. I truly want $20 grand since it is freaking cold, I wish to visit Hawaii for any couple of several weeks, just totally party up, I want some serious funds to drag that off, especially generate income prefer to party. It seems like a great time, warm beaches, sexy men, lot’s of booze and cocaine.

    Must I go ahead and take $12K or hold on? I have already had this factor inside me not less than 2 days and I’d rather not wait too lengthy to hoover this little turd out or it’ll F-up my bikini body. I look smoking hot inside a bikini and I have to stay this way if I am likely to be hanging out for any couple of several weeks in Hawaii. I understand he’s good your money can buy.


  • Stevalicious:

    I have really liked this guy named Larry for over 3 years. He is 2 years older than me but if you like somebody a lot and if your love is strong, then it can’t be broken, especially from a small age difference. I spilled out everything to him, telling him how I feel; I’m totally in love with him. Then in the middle of it he says that he’s in a relationship and that it’s a TERRIFIC Relationship. I was crushed. I drowned my sorrows in ice cream. Then did something really stupid,,,,,,,……………….. I texted him back saying that I had a boyfriend and used my best friends name, that’s a boy. He never replied but I’m still in love with him. What should I do? And if you look at some of my other user ions it includes the same person, Larry.

  • Andre:

    Why make use of associations?

  • Agent 47:

    exactly what do you think about lengthy distance associations?

  • cardskid22:

    How can you create a lengthy distance relationship work?

  • Andrew S:

    what’s more powerful an intimate relationship (child involved) from a guy along with a lady


    a Friendship relationship from a guy along with a women with casual sex

    that is more stable and more durable

  • arronwrath:

    Ok look, this here’ need this is a serious heart to heart , i authored it a fews some time and had a couple of solutions however, many were just ignorant, dumb or heartless. I want good quality advice, to motivate me being better, or how to proceed so far as my problem.

    Im a really independent, was previously strong , live alone 23 years of age, grad college, own vehicle, etc. I do not need a guys money , u are all aware where im choosing this.

    Any how ive was dating a man for several years, He earned me quitmy modeling, buddies, destroyed my stuff I labored challenging for, yet both of us were for each other so that as all couples had our good days. After our last large burst i moved right into a new apt, wanting a brand new start, registered for college again simply to keep me busy and that i wounde up letting him in the brand new apt this June. Things got really beyond control and physical of course, and that he wasnt working, always in the home id get home from work he’d be departing or playing game titles. Well the final fight we’d in June the cops came, i known as them while he broke my blog also it really pissed me off. We havent seen one another much after court, i ignored all charges and that he departed scott free, I seem like i truly entered him by calling law enforcement however i am frustrated. It has been 4 several weeks now and that he hates me. He’s known as me maybe 4 x within the summer time for sex , thats it and once in a blue drunk. I miss him though, i wanna do this. Now i can concentrate school, my new apt appears like **** again, im sad , lonely and ive attempted everything. Books, relaxation techniques, yoga, therapy, freinds.etc… The only real factor i havent attempted is moving forward and meetin new males, I dont desire a new guy touching me or dealing with know me. I really love my ex and miss he, i understand he seems like he is able to never believe me again using the cops however i would not do this again it simply would be a crazy moment. Was i wrong? I’ve taken him back a lot of occasions. He’s bitten me where ive needed to have surgey, destroyed my stuff.. etc., I forgave him for worse.. I want advice. I understand this is not heathly, I cant stop texing and calling him for 4 days now, no answer..how to proceed?? How lengthy performs this heart pain take and Males what could an EX do for u to help you would like them back??

    Maggie.. U r the very best!! thank u

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